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Public Administrator 


Notice of possible loss of estate assets   

Information has been discovered that suggests assets belonging to estates handled by the Fresno County Public Administrator's Office may have been stolen.  

If you have any questions or concerns on how a decedent's estate was handled, please contact us at (559) 600-2115 or (855) 600-6595 toll free or email us at  Your email must include the following information:  

  •  Decedent's name and address
  •  Decedent's date of death 
  •  Your contact information
  •  Your relationship to the decedent 

If you wish to file a claim, please click here to obtain a Claim For Damages form.  You will need to submit your completed claim form to the Fresno County Clerk to the Board of Supervisors as instructed on the form.  

 Public Administrator Function   

 The Public Administrator manages estates and makes final arrangements for Fresno County residents who die without a will or any known relatives able or willing to act on the decedent's behalf to manage and resolve the estate.  Working through appropriate methods of probate, the Public Administrator manages the estate until proper distribution is completed.