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    4441 East Kings Canyon
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    Dial 711 to reach California Relay Service


"My Art Matters"

County of Fresno

MHSA's Art Gallery 



If you would like to submit artwork or if there is a piece of artwork that you would like to use please contact us! 



Promoting Wellness, Recovery, Resiliency, and Hope

Flower Pot  


In need of original artwork for the month of May: Fresno Arts Council Art Show - May 2016 


 A recruitment of artwork   

This recruitment is open to ALL

  • End the stigma of mental illness through art
  • Help others feel understood and supported
  • Educate and create awareness of mental health 

MHSA would like to see art pieces that reflect wellness, recovery, journeys of hope, in an effort to reduce stigma and discrimination.  Art work can include paintings, poetry, photography and other forms of self-expression. 

So if you feel “My Art Matters”, please share it with us! 


My Art Matters Power Point:

Power Point Format:  My Art Matters Power Point - 101513 

PDF Format:  My Art Matters Power Point - 101315 (PDF) 

Poem Submissions:

The following poems were submitted by Mario M.


"Teachers" by Mario M.  

Words Flow

"Words Flow" - By Mario M.


"Dyslexia" - Mario M.

The following link is artwork that has been submitted to CIBHS for an online art gallery:

CIBHS Online Gallery

"All across California, people harness the healing power of the creative spirit - celebrating their cultures, challenging stigmas and stereotypes, working towards recovery one brushstroke at a time."


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