Nursery Inspection

The Nursery Inspection Program is an important part of the State's agricultural pest prevention system.  Nursery inspection and regulatory activities have prevented numerous pests from being introduced into agricultural and urban communities by prevention and/or eradication of pests at the nursery level.  Nurseries are inspected to assure compliance with pest cleanliness, labeling, quality, and varietal trueness standards.  The quality of nursery stock has improved as a direct result of the regulation of nursery stock to the benefit of both production agricultural and the general public that purchases landscape plants at retail neighborhood nurseries.


Receivers of Plant Shipments:

  • Persons or companies receiving nursery products not labeled with a California Nursery Stock Certificate must call our office at (559) 600-7510 for inspection and release.
  • Incoming plant products must be kept in an isolated holding area away from production areas to prevent possible pest infestations until released by an inspector.


Production Citrus Nursery
Retail Landscape Nursery

Seed Certifications 

The California Seed Law has been enacted to insure that seed purchased by the consumer or buyer is properly identified and is of the quality represented by the tag or label.  Agricultural and vegetable seed is inspected for compliance to label claims and requirements pertaining to germination, date of test, purity, noxious weed seeds present, inert matter and trueness to variety.


The Department also works in cooperation with the California Crop Improvement Association through inspection of certified seed conditioners and harvesters, and performing other services that may be necessary to maintain the identity and quality of certified seed.



Certified Seed Tag
Alfalfa Seed