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"MHSA Outcomes"



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One component of accountability is the effectiveness of services, supports and activities as measured by individual client outcomes and community impact. 

The other component is the demonstration that the mental health system is performing appropriately in providing services, supports, and activities - that is, doing what it said it would do. 

These two components can be thought of as the two “arms of accountability” that will hold the MHSA transformational processes up to the light, and demonstrate that the mental health system is reaching out to both individuals and the community in ways that produce positive results. 


 MHSA Outcomes from July 2015 - June 2016 

 Outcomes (A-L)

Outcomes (M-Y)

 CBANS Outcome Report - Attachment A  MHS CWMHS - 2016
 CBANS FIRM  Older Adult Team - 2016
 CBANS KV  Perinatal - 2016
 CBANS Sarbat  Reading and Beyond - 2016
 CBANS WFFRC  Recovery with Inspiration, Support and  Empowernment - 2016
 Central Star - CWMHS 2016  School Based Metro - 2016
 Central Star PHF - 2016  Supported Employment and Educational Services - 2016
 Child Welfare Mental Health - 2016  Transitional Aged Youth - 2016
 CLFA Consumer Family Advocacy - 2016  Turning Point AB 109 FSC FSP - 2016
 Corizon JJC Outcome  TP Rural FSP ICM OP - 2016
 Corizon Main Jail - 2016  TP STASIS 2015-16
 CPI CWMHS - 2016  TP TAY - 2016
 EXODUS CSU - Youth and Adult - 2016  United Health Centers Primary Care - 2016
 Family BHC Juvenile  UPLIFT CWMHS - 2016
 FCNA Living Well  Uplift Family Services Bright Beginnings - 2016
 FCOE - PBIS  Uplift Family Services Youth ACT - 2016
 FFT - 2016  Uplift SB 163 WRAP - 2016
 First Onset Team - 2016  Urgent Care Wellness Center - 2016
 Fresno Superior Court ADULT BHC - 2016  Valley Health Team Primary Care Integration
 Fresno Superior Court - Drug Court 2016  WestCare SOS - 2016
 HTCC FAIHP - 2016  Youth Wellness Center - 2016
 HTCC FCNA - 2016  
 HTCC FIRM - 2016  
 HTCC Sarbat - 2016  
 HTCC WFFRC - 2016  
 JDT TBS - 2016  
 Kings View Blue Sky - 2016  
 Kings View PATH - 2016  
 Kings View YEC - 2016  
 Kings View Rural Triage - 2016  
 KW Family Advocacy - 2016  
 Law Enforcement Field Clinician - 2016  



 MHSA Program Outcomes - January 2014 - June 2015  

 Outcomes (A-L)

Outcomes (M-Y)

AB 109 - FSP  Mental Health System Fresno IMPACT Program 
Adult Criminal Drug Courts - June 2015  MHSA Consumer Family Advocacy Services Outcomes 
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) - June 2015  MHSA SMART Model of Care (a.k.a. Bright Beginnings for Families) - June 2015 
Behavioral Health Court (BHC) - June 2015  PATH Program 
Blue Sky Wellness Center - June 2015  Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 
Children’s/Adolescent Co-Occurring Treatment Program - June 2015  Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) - Attachment B 
Community Gardens - HTCC  Rural Mental Health (RMH) 
Crisis Stabilization Center - June 2015  SOS - Westcare 
Cultural-Based Access/Navigation System (CBANS) Outcomes  SOS - Westcare 2014 
Family Advocacy Services Outcomes  STASIS - Permanent supportive Housing (PSH) 
Family Behavioral Health Court (FBHC)  Supervised Children’s Rooms 
Family Focused Prevention Services (FFPS) - June 2015  Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Program 
Floyd Farrow Substance Abuse Unit  Youth Empowerment Centers 
Functional Family Therapy - June 2015   
Holistic Cultural and Educational Wellness Center (HCEWC) - Outcomes   
Integrated Behavioral Health Services at Community Primary Care Clinics - VHT   
Integrated Mental Health – Primary Care - December 2014   
Integrated Mental Health – Primary Care - July 2015   
Integrated Mental Health Program (IMH)   
Integrated Mental Health Services at Community Primary Care Clinics   
Intensive Community Support Services Team (ICSST)   
Living Well Program (LWP) Outcomes   




 MHSA Program Outcomes - June 2013  

CBANS Centro June 2013 Outcomes 

CBANS FAIHP June 2013 Outcomes 

CBANS FIRM June 2013 Outcomes 

CBANS WFFRC June 2013 Outcomes 

FCNA HTCC June 2013 Outcomes 

FCOE K-8 PBIS June 2013 Outcomes 

FIRM HTCC June 2013 Outcomes 

Holistic Center June 2013 Outcomes 

Sarbat Bhala June 2013 Outcomes 

UHC Primary Care June 2013 Outcomes 

Valley Health Teams Primary Care June 2013 Outcomes 

WestCare SOS June 2013 Outcomes

IDT June 2013 Outcomes


MHSA Program Outcomes - MAY 2013:


Adult Behavioral Health Court Report Outcomes  FCNA Outcomes 
School Based Rural Team Outcomes Juvenile Behavioral Health Court Outcomes 
LEFC Outcomes OPTIONS Outcomes 
Perinatal Outcomes School Based Metro Team Outcomes
First Onset Team Outcomes Older Adult Team Outcomes


MHSA Program Outcomes - APRIL 2013:


Bright Beginnings Outcomes 

Centro La Familia Outcomes 

CYS FFT Outcomes 


KV PATH Outcomes 

KV Blue Sky Wellness Outcomes 

KV YEC Outcomes 

TP Rural Outcomes 

TP AB109 Outcomes 

TP CDP Outcomes 

TP ICSST Outcomes 

TP IMH Outcomes 

TP TAY Outcomes 

WC CPRS Outcomes 



Outcomes of Various Programs - 2012:

MHSA Program Outcome Report - June 2012 

MHSA Program Outcome Report - May 2012

MHSA Program Outcome Report - April 2012


The attachment below is a list of Programs and the total days of homelessness, hospitalizations and incarcerations incoming partners reported.  The report also shows the total days reported for these three categories via the Key Event Tracking form for the following 2 years after Admit.

FSP Total Days Form


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