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    2220 Tulare Street, 14th Floor
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Risk Management

Tracy Meador's PictureRisk Management administers the insurance programs (Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Medical Malpractice, Property/Vehicle Damage/Vehicle Replacement), directs the County's safety program, recovers damages due the County from third parties, provides risk management advice to County departments, provides loss prevention management and training, and controls mandated programs affecting employee safety.

Our Goal 

To provide resources and opportunity for staff to produce solutions that balance appropriate risk allocation against provision of services to our citizens.  This posture benefits county management stakeholders, county citizens, and facilitates the ability of staff to develop professionally while being an asset to the public.

Tracy Meador, Human Resources Manager
16th Floor - Fresno County Plaza Building
Phone (559) 600-1850
Fax (559) 455-4792 
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