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Children’s Crisis Assessment Intervention Resolution Center

Children's Mental Health Crisis Services  are provided by our Children’s Crisis Assessment Intervention Resolution Center (CCAIR). CCAIR is an outpatient crisis intervention program that provides treatment to prevent hospitalization.  CCAIR services include assessment, crisis intervention and resolution for minors who have been determined to be a serious danger to themselves (suicidal), to others (homicidal) or are gravely disabled (unable to make use of food, clothing and shelter).

The CCAIR program is open 24 hours, 365 days per year, providing a safe secure setting for the management and resolution of urgent psychiatric matters.  Staff operate from a strength-based framework.  Assessment of the children in crisis includes therapeutic intervention, family meetings to discuss the context of the presentation and  treatment planning meetings to explore ways to prevent further crisis episodes.  There is multi-disciplinary staff of clinicians, nurses, case managers and psychiatrists.  In very high-risk situations, hospitalization may be indicated. 

 Children's Mental Health Crisis Services (559) 600-6760

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