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  • Address:
    2135 Fresno Street, Suite 100
    Fresno, CA 93721
  • DSS Case Information::
    (559) 600-1377)or toll-free (877) 600-1377. To speak to a worker call (559) 600-1377 or toll free (855) 832-8082 between 7:30am-4:30pm
  • Child Protective Services Hotline:
    (559) 255-8320 and / or (559) 266-2463 Fax Number
  • Elder Abuse/Adult Protective Services Hotline:
    1 (800) 418-1426 or (559) 600-3383 or (559) 230-1976 (Fax Number)
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 Office Location:   
2025 E. Dakota Ave   
2nd Floor   
Fresno, CA 93726   
Fax (559) 243-7485    

Provider & Recipient
Call Center 
(559) 600-5749   
Provider Registry  (559) 600-5753   
Provider Enrollments  (559) 600-5752   
Wage Verification  (559) 600-5751   
SEIU Local 2015 (Union)  (855) 810-2015   
Direct Deposit  1-866-376-7066   
Wage Garnishments  1-916-551-1011   

Adult Protective Services  (559) 600-3383   
Child Protective Services  (559) 600-8320   
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What is the IHSS Public Authority?
The Public Authority was created to help the Recipients of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) find Providers so they can remain in their home safely and independently. The Public Authority is the employer of record for the purpose of negotiating wages, benefits and working conditions with the local union. 
 What is the Provider Registry?  
 The Provider Registry maintains a database of Providers that have been screened and trained by the Public Authority. The Provider Registry helps link IHSS Recipients to Providers. When an IHSS Recipient asks for help to find a Provider, the Public Authority matches Providers in the Registry to the Recipient's physical location, authorized tasks and work schedule. Since the Recipient is the employer, the Recipient will interview Providers and make a decision on who they will hire. Recipients can also fire a provider at will.
Overtime Updates (as of 11/5/15)

You may have seen or heard there have been some court rulings, appeals filed, and other high level activity on the matter of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which proposed provider overtime and travel time pay for those who qualify.  

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) released a statement on November 4, 2015, to provide California's plan to start overtime pay in February 2016, and detailed various activities that CDSS, Fresno County IHSS and Public Authority will have to prepare to have in place by that time. Please take a moment to read the CDSS FLSA Statement.   

What we do know:

  • The overtime and travel time rules are not in effect at this time.  
  • We are not aware of any changes to provider timesheets at this time.    
  • Keep a look out for informational notices sent by CDSS, Fresno County IHSS and Public Authority to recipients and providers about overtime, work week caps, paperwork requirements and training opportunities.

    Please check back to this website for further updates. 


Changes to Timesheets
Beginning with July 2015, the IHSS Timesheets will now show the recipient's total monthly hours on the first pay period timesheet (1st to 15th) and the remaining hours will be on the second timesheet (16th through the end of month).
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