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Wage Garnishments 1-866-376-7066

Adult Protective Services  (559) 600-3383
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What is the IHSS Public Authority?

The Public Authority was created to help the Recipients of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) find Providers so they can remain in their home safely and independently. The Public Authority is the employer of record for the purpose of negotiating wages, benefits and working conditions with the local union.   


 What is the Provider Registry?

The Provider Registry maintains a database of Providers that have been screened and trained by the Public Authority. The Provider Registry helps link IHSS Recipients to Providers. When an IHSS Recipient asks for help to find a Provider, the Public Authority matches Providers in the Registry to the Recipient's physical location, authorized tasks and work schedule. Since the Recipient is the employer, the Recipient will interview Providers and make a decision on who they will hire. Recipients can also fire a provider at will.  


Provider Enrollment Agreement Due by April 29 2017

In accordance with the mandates set by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), all active providers that work for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or Waiver Personal Care Services (WPCS) must have an updated version of the Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846) on file before April 29, 2017.

Providers that fail to review, sign and return an updated form postmarked by the due date will be considered ineligible to work for their recipients and will not be paid starting July 1, 2017.  Updated forms will be accepted after July 1, 2017 and providers will be reinstated to work, but with the following restrictions:

  • If the updated SOC 846 is received postmarked on or before July 31, 2017, the provider will be eligible for retroactive pay for all authorized services that they provided to an eligible IHSS or WPCS recipient during the month of July 2017 ineliglble period.

  • If the updated SOC 846 is received postmarked on or after August 1, 2017, the provider will only be paid for authorized services provided on and after the date the SOC 846 was postmarked.

Fresno County Public Authority (PA) send an advisement letter about the April 29, 2017 due date and a copy of the SOC 846  to all providers that had not returned the updated form as of December 15, 2016.  If you or your provider did not receive the letter, you can view a copy  of the letter here.

The PA will be sending another reminder letter during February with information to the website where the SOC 846 can be downloaded.  All forms must be returned to Fresno County at the IHSS or PA office in person or sent to:  PO Box 1912, Fresno, CA 93718-1912. 
Click here to download a copy of the SOC 846 today!

If you are unsure whether you have turned in the updated SOC 846, you can call the Provider and Recipient Call Center (PARCC) at (559) 600-5749 to check - please allow for 10 to 14 days for processing.

Public Authority Program Information - October 18, 2016

As mandated by the Welfare and Institution Code (WIC) 12302.25, the Public Authority in Fresno County is legally separate from County of Fresno and is governed by the Board of Supervisors (BOS). The Public Authority acts as the employer of record and manages background checks, orientations, and other employee/employer relations for IHSS providers – but it’s important to remember that the IHSS recipient is the actual employer and responsible to hire, train, supervise and fire a provider.

Recently, the Public Authority shared some facts, demographics and upcoming fiscal changes with the Board of Supervisors.

Graph of Provider Relationship. Spouse is 4%. Relative is 22%. Non related is 33% and Parent is 41%.In August 2016, the IHSS program made payments on 15,827
active cases and the average number of hours per case was 110. There are 14,396 providers actively working an average of 129 hours to assist IHSS recipients remain as independent as possible and safely in their homes as their physical and/or mental capacity diminish. Over two thirds of IHSS recipients received care from a family member, such as a spouse, parent, adult child or other relative. 

Within the past few years, the IHSS program and Public Authority have experienced many changes and more are yet to come. The implementation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been the most impactful by allowing providers overtime pay, pay for travel time and setting limits to the number of hours providers can work. As more rules and changes are incorporated within the IHSS program, the funding of the Public Authority remains contingent on Federal and State funding, along with the Fresno County share in the expense of maintaining the activities mandated.

IHSS providers working in Fresno County are paid $10.25 per hour, and another .85 cents is also paid for health benefits, totaling $11.10. Currently 14% providers are actively enrolled in the health plan, which is capped at 2,000 participants. Over half of IHSS providers are Medi-Cal beneficiaries and the remaining 35% of providers may have other health coverage or may not have health coverage. While some wages are paid by Federal and State funding, there is still an impact to the Fresno County General Fund, especially when the wage amount exceeds the limit set by the State. While Fresno County contributes 16.3% to every dollar spent, that percentage increases to 46.6% for any amount that surpasses the State limit. Good news on the horizon for all IHSS providers is the State mandated wage increase recently enacted will start January 1, 2017, and begins with a fifty cent increase to $10.50, then rises incrementally by a dollar every year until it reaches $15.00 in 2022, which constitutes an approximate 9% increase every year.

introducing my ihss. 24/7 Information Access.
Fresno County Department of Social Services is pleased to announce a new self-service system for you to get information about your IHSS hours or timesheet status.  Available any time, day and night, with no waiting. This new system, called "My IHSS", can be reached by phone or the internet. All you need to do is call 600-9299 or visit our website at  
Updates about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Implementation at IHSS

As of July 2016, all timesheets submitted by IHSS providers are now being evaluated for possible violations. At this time, the IHSS Violations Team is calling and counseling providers when they submit timesheets that receive a violation to help them understand the new rules. Top errors include: 

  • Claiming more than 66 hours in a workweek when working for more than one IHSS recipient.
  • Claiming more than 7 hours of travel time in a workweek (the maximum is 7 hours between all recipients - not for each recipient)
  • Claiming more hours than the recipient's maximum authorized weekly hours which creates unauthorized overtime or more overtime than already authorized.

When a provider gets a violation, they (and the recipients they work for) will receive a Violation Notice in the mail. In addition, the provider will also receive a County Dispute Review request form that they can fill out and return within 10 calendar days of receiving the violation. At the 3rd & 4th violation levels, the provider can also request a State Administrative Review (not the same has a Fair Hearing) to be conducted by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), when they do not agree with the County Dispute Review outcome.

When a provider receives a 2nd violation for the first time, they will have the opportunity to complete a Self-Training packet and certification form within 21 calendar days of receiving the 2nd violation. When it is returned timely, the 2nd violation will be removed. If another 2nd violation happens at a later time, the provider will not be able to do the self-training again, but will always have the ability to dispute the violation.

If you are still unsure about the new rules: 

  • Watch the 2016 FLSA Videos from CDSS (English, Spanish, Chinese)
  • Attend a Timesheet Clinic (see below)
  • Please give us a call at the Provider and Recipient Call Center at (559) 600-5749 
  •  Violation List. First Violation serves as a warning. Second Violation can be removed if the provider completes and returns the Self-Training Certification (one-time only). Third Violation results in 90 day suspension as an IHSS provider. Fourth Violation results in one-year termination as an IHSS provider. 

    Don't Lose Out! Return forms timely! Be sure all signatures are present and dated! Use the pink return envelope provided! 

    Important Information to Remember: Providers can request a County Dispute Review for all four levels. Providers can request a State Administrative Review for 3rd and 4th violations after the County Dispute Review outcome. If no other violation is received within a year, the provider's total violation count will be reduced by one.


    Timesheet ClinicHelp Sign
    Feeling confused with all the new overtime rules and not sure how to complete your timesheet or travel claim form?  Not sure if you filled out the SOC 2255 or SOC 2256 correctly?  Come to the Timesheet Clinic for one-on-one assistance.  Public Authority and IHSS program staff will be available in the Kaweah Room on the first floor of the Senior Resource Center, 2025 E Dakota Ave during the dates and times listed on the schedules.  See you there!  Click to get a copy of the 2016 schedule in English or Spanish for sessions in Fresno.  Good News!  Timesheet Clinics will continue in 2017!  Get your copy of the 2017 schedule here:  English or Spanish.
    Looking for a Form?
    There are a lot of new forms and notices associated w/ FLSA, click here for some of the most common.
    Keep Us In the Know!
    With all the changes and new rules in the IHSS program, we don't want to lose touch w/ you or your recipients.  Fill out a Change of Address or Telephone Form and mail it to the PA office.

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