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Opening a Case

Q: Who is eligible for your services?

A: Any custodial or non-custodial parent may open a case in our office. If you are currently receiving benefits from CalWORKs, Department of Social Services (DSS) must refer your case to us and a case will be opened on your behalf.

Q: I am not receiving CalWORKs; how do I apply for your services?

A: You can call our office to have the forms sent to you through the mail. Our toll-free phone number is 1-866-901-3212. Our street address is on our Contacts page.

Q: What is the cost of your services?

A: Our services are free. We charge no fee nor do we retain any of the money we collect. We are funded by state and federal incentive monies.

Q: What sort of documentation or information will I need to open the case?

A: The most important piece of information is the non-custodial parent's Social Security number; it is key to accessing locate sources. Also important is information regarding the non-custodial parent's employment, home and work addresses, date of birth, any prior court order information and, if you're not receiving CalWORKs, a copy of your paystub. The more information you supply in your application, the quicker we will be able to proceed.

Q: How long will it take to open a case?

A: Within twenty days of receipt of a completed application or welfare referral we will open a case, we will start verifying information received, such as addresses and employment information, and mail a case opening letter to the custodial and non-custodial parent.

Q: Will you open a case for spousal support only?

A: We only collect spousal support obligations when child support is also ordered in the court order or if the non-custodial parent resides in another state and the only way to enforce the obligation is to open a case in our office.

Q: My children and I are receiving CalWORKs benefits, but I did not apply for your services. Why was a case opened?

A: If you are receiving benefits from the CalWORKs program, State and Federal law require recipients to participate in the child support program. The Department of Social Services office must send us a referral to notify us to open a case to establish paternity and child support for the child(ren) receiving the benefits. When you are approved for these benefits, your rights to child support are assigned to the county for the time period you are on aid. The Department of Child Support Services is charged with the duties to establish and enforce a paternity, child support and Health Insurance Coverage Assignment order in order to reimburse the money paid to you.

Q: The non-custodial parent and I already have an agreement regarding child support. Why are you pursuing him/her?

A: This office must legally establish paternity and child support in a court order for children receiving welfare benefits. An agreement, even a notarized agreement, is not an enforceable court order, which is what we are required to pursue.

Q: If I discontinue from CalWORKs, will you close your case?

A: We will continue to collect child support on your behalf unless you request in writing that we close the non-welfare portion of your case. Even if we do close your non-welfare portion of the case, we will continue to pursue for the child support owed for the time period you were receiving CalWORKs benefits.

Q: How long before I start receiving child support payments?

A: It varies from case to case depending on the information provided and the cooperation from the non-custodial parent.