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Information from the Fresno County Coroner's Office: 

On behalf of the Fresno County Coroner's Office, we extend our deepest sympathy to you at this time.  To assist you during this difficult time, we have prepared this information below to answer some of your questions:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is my loved one being taken?
The deceased will be taken to the Coroner's Office in Fresno.

Can I come see him/her? 
The visitation of a loved one is best done at the funeral home. The Coroner's office is not equipped to handle visitations: therefore they are not permitted at the Coroner's office.

What should I do now? 
Contact a funeral home of your choice and advise them that your loved one is at the Coroner's Office. 

Why is the Coroner's Office involved in the death of my loved one?
The Coroner is required by state law (G.C. 27491) to investigate all unnatural deaths or deaths where an attending Medical Doctor is unavailable to provide cause of death.
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Will an autopsy be performed?
Not all deaths that fall under California Coroner laws require an autopsy.  The Coroner will determine if an autopsy needs to be performed.
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Why is an autopsy performed?
Autopsies are used to determine the cause of death.
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How do I contact the Deputy Coroner in charge of my loved one's case?
A Deputy Coroner is available 7 days a week from 8am to 5 pm.  You may contact our office at (559) 600-3400.

Click here to see a list of names and helpful numbers.

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How do I reclaim the property that was taken by the Coroner's Office?
The property will be released to the Funeral home when they pick up the deceased.
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Can I get a copy of the Coroner's Report?
The Coroner's Report can be purchased from the Corner's Office.  The report consists of the autopsy report and toxicology (if performed) and investigation report.  Reports are not available until the case is concluded.  Please call for status before mailing in your request.
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How do I obtain a death certificate?
A certified copy can be obtained from the Funeral Home you have selected or purchased from the Fresno County Recorder's Office located at 2281 Tulare Street, Room 302 in Fresno or reached at (559) 600-3471.  Death Certificates are not available at the Coroner's Office.
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What if I have no money for Funeral expenses?
The County of Fresno does not have financial assistance programs available.
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