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Types of Welfare Fraud

The types of welfare fraud investigated and prosecuted through the Fresno District Attorney's Office include:

   Failure to report income or money received from an inheritance, gambling, gift, lottery winnings or from ANY other source
   Failure to report the absent parent has returned home
   Failure to report a child/children out of the home
   Failure to report child/children not attending school
   Failure to report property or assets such as a car, deeds to home, vacant property, etc.
   Duplicate aid
   Forgery or duplicate warrants
   Creating false dependents in order to receive aid
   Using false identification in order to receive aid
   Receiving Public Assistance Benefits to which a person is not entitled







When a person continues to receive Cash Aid, Food Stamps and General Assistance that he/she is not entitled to, it creates an overpayment of monies or benefits in their case as well.

In September 2007, the District Attorney's Office began to investigate cases wherein public aid recipients were using EBT (food stamps) out of state for more than one month.  The investigation revealed that there had been approximately 70 cases where the families were receiving public assistance in Fresno County while residing out of state.  The average savings from discontinuing these cases is $250,000 per month.

The Welfare Fraud Unit Collections Officer monitors delinquent accounts on the prosecuted welfare fraud cases.  Once the account is delinquent, the Collections Officer prepares the necessary documents to request a Restitution Order or Abstract of Judgment, which enables liens to be placed on property owned by the defendants.  This process also allows for wage garnishment from welfare fraud defendants.

Welfare fraud is a crime! Penalties range from diversion, restitution, fines, disqualification from the Food Stamp and Cash Aid programs, community service, adult offender work program, jail and prison for up to 3 years. 

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Welfare Fraud

If you suspect someone might be committing welfare fraud, please report it to the District Attorney's Office at 
(559) 600-5045

Welfare Fraud Hotline
(800) 344-8477