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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services

About our Organization

The Alcohol and Drug Program Administration is a division of the Department of Behavioral Health. We have primary responsibility for administering the County's alcohol and drug programs. Our mission is to support appropriate education, prevention, and treatment services to reduce or eliminate alcohol and other drug related barriers to ongoing health, well being, and economic independence of individuals, families, and communities.

The Alcohol and Drug Program Administration contracts with over 30 community-based organizations providing  alcohol and drug prevention, intervention, treatment and couplerecovery services throughout the County of Fresno. These services are available to any Fresno County resident either through self-referral or referral by a community agency.

How to use this guide
The guide lists contracted programs by the category of services offered. In most cases, programs require the individual seeking admission to directly make the request for service by telephone. At that time, an appointment will be made for an intake interview. Fees for services are determined on an ability to pay basis, and no person should be turned away because of lack of funds at the time of admission. However, contribution to the costs related to program participation is expected as part of the recovery process as the person progresses.

The Alcohol and Drug Program Administration and its contracted programs are concerned that a high standard of care is always offered to persons seeking recovery for their substance use disorder problems. Please immediately report any incorrect information contained in this guide and any improper conduct by programs listed in this guide to the Alcohol and Drug Program Administration's Contract Division at (559) 600-6087.

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Treatment Locator:

If you are looking for treatment services for you or a loved one, the following link will help you locate a treatment provider in your area.  You'll even be able to narrow your search down to services provided and payment type.  Just follow the steps and enter the information required for a listing of providers that meet your needs.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility Locator



Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health, Substance AbuseMap2 Services (SAS) has compiled a snapshot of what substance use disorder treatment clients look like at one point in time – January 10, 2008. 

The data comes from the state’s California Outcomes Measurement System (Cal-OMS), a statewide client-based data collection and outcomes measurement system.  In Fresno County, 28 different substance use disorder treatment providers enter data into Cal-OMS.  This data is entered as reported by the clients.  On January 10, 2008, SAS had 4,324 unique clients in Fresno County’s treatment system of care.  The following information was culled from client data gathered upon their admission to substance use disorder treatment services. 

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