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Crime Victim Assistance Center Local Events

People, who are victimized through a criminal act and then thrown into a justice system which is complicated and focused on defendant’s rights, want to be provided case information, want to be heard, and want to receive assistance in their journey in rebuilding their lives; lives that will never be the same. Nationally, in recognition of the need of victims to be a part of the justice process, many laws over the last 27 years have been passed to assist crime victims in the judicial process and in their ability to access services in the wake of crime’s devastation. In California, rights for crime victims remains of high importance as demonstrated by the passage of Marsy’s Law in November 2008, firmly placing Victim’s Rights in the State Constitution. Annually in April, as a nation, we come together as a people to recognize the rights of victims during National Victims’ Rights Week.

COME AND JOIN US during National Victims Right Week, April 23 - April 27, 2012 For the annual Memoral Quilt Unveiling. 6:00pm Thursday April 19, 2012 Fresno CA at the Fresno County Plaza Ballroom located at 2220 Tulare Street Fresno Ca 93721. 

SEE FLYER FOR MORE INFORMATIONApril 19, 2012: The Memorial Quilt Unveiling