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What's New...  

  • Annual Update FY 13-14 - Thank you for your interest and participation in the FY 13/14 Annual Update process.  The public hearing was conducted by the Mental Health Board on October 15, 2014 at 1:30 pm.  Posted as of October 21, 2014 are the following:

Again we thank you for your time.


  • Youth Psychiatric Health Facility (This request was approved) - The County of Fresno Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) has drafted a Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Capital Facilities Project Proposal to utilize funds to renovate and modernize an area within the University Medical Center (UMC) Campus that is currently housing a non-inpatient level of service.  This space will be occupied by a Youth Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF).  We will keep the community posted as to any new updates to the renovation process. 

Updates: Work is currently being done, Kristi Williams is working with parents to identify bathroom tile colors!  Stay tuned for more information!

Tile two Wall Tile              Tile Three Floor Tile


  • Fresno County MHSA Annual Update FY 13-14 - As part of the Fresno County MHSA FY 2013-14 Annual Update Plan process, the Department will be scheduling a series of community wide stakeholder meetings (details to follow). The Department will be posting on an ongoing basis all feedback received/information feedback forms received from the various stakeholder meetings onto this website.

Please refer to the flyer below regarding these phase III meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to obtain your feedback on Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funded  programs, and if any changes are needed.


Some of the information being provided as part of this update process are attached below:

MHSA Stakeholder Process – Flowchart Depicting the various Phases of the Annual Update

Fresno County MHSA Stakeholder Process Flow Chart - 040314 

Stakeholder Feedback Information Form – Used to collect feedback from the community at meetings

MHSA Stakeholder Process - Phase 1 - Form Template 

1. Stakeholder Input Community Conversations 12-13 

2. Stakeholder Input Suicide Prevention Taskforce 12-13 

3. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - MHB Forum Parlier 

4. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - MHB Forum Kerman 

5. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - Blue Sky Exchange 

6. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - Blue Sky Provider 

7. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP ICSST 

8. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP IMH First Street FSP 

9. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP CDP 

10. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP TAY 

11. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP Rural 

12. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - K-12 PEI

13. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - CBANS 

Stakeholder Public Comment Form individuals

AU FY 13-14 Public Comment Form 

AU FY 13-14 Public Comment Form - SPANISH 

MHSA Training on Basic Fundamental of MHSA 101

MHSA 101 

Outcome Measurement Schedule and forms:

Attachment A - Outcomes Template 

Attachment B - Reportable Outcomes 

Outcomes Effectiveness Form Fill In - Attachment C 

Information Notice - Outcome Measurements - 3-25-14 . 

If you would like to see MHSA Program Outcomes, please click on the following link:  MHSA Program Outcomes

Annual Update Timeline

AU FY 13-14 Timeline 

  • My Art Matters - MHSA would like to update our MHSA Gallery with more art pieces that promote Wellness, Recovery, Resiliency, and Hope in forms of photographs, paintings, crafts, poems, or drawings(etc.).  Please click on the following link to get more information about "My Art Matters" project.

My Art Matters   

  • MHSA Housing Application Documents:  Please click on the following links for more information:

Renaissance Properties Application    Homeless Certification - Example 

Application and SMI Verification Form    Guide for Housing Application 

ROI from HA Form    ROI from DMH Form  

  • MHSA Outcomes - Please click on the following link to go to our MHSA Outcomes Page!! 

MHSA Program Outcomes

  • MHSA Program Summary Sheet - The provided summary sheet outlines implemented MHSA programs with general program and contact information. This summary will be updated monthly and posted/distributed to ensure up to date information.
  • Mental Health Contracts Summary 




Prevention and Early Intervention:  Please click on the following bullet to see what is new under our PEI Page:

Innovations:  Fresno County is currently undergoing the Innovations community planning process through the use of a survey and focus groups:

MHSA Housing Summary:  Please click on the following link:


BRING IT HOME - Housing California Annual Conference 2012: 


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