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    (559) 600-9171
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    Dial 711 to reach California Relay Service



Mental Health Services Act

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Directing Change Video Contest

Check out Matthew Flores Suicide Prevention Video for the Directing Change Video Contest 2015

Click Here to view additional Award Winning Videos

2015 Directing Change Flyer Front

2015 Directing Change Flyer Back


  • A Community Forum - will be held on November 5, 2015, to discuss the impact of Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), in Fresno County.


Location:  The Falls Event Center  

4105 W Figarden Drive  

Fresno, CA 93722  

 Consumer Pre-Meeting - 110515 


 Community Forum Flyer - 110515    Community Forum Invitation - 110515    Community Forum Discussion Groups - 110515  


 Community Forum Flyer - 110515 SPANISH    Community Forum Invitation - 110515 SPANISH   Community Forum Flyer - 110515 HMONG



  • My Art Matters - MHSA would like to update our MHSA Gallery with more art pieces that promote Wellness, Recovery, Resiliency, and Hope in forms of photographs, paintings, crafts, poems, or drawings(etc.).  Please click on the following link to get more information about "My Art Matters" project.

My Art Matters   

  • MHSA Housing Application Documents:  Please click on the following links for more information:

Renaissance Properties Application    Homeless Certification - Example 

Application and SMI Verification Form    Guide for Housing Application 

ROI from HA Form    ROI from DMH Form  

  • MHSA Outcomes - Please click on the following link to go to our MHSA Outcomes Page!! 

MHSA Program Outcomes

  • MHSA Program Summary Sheet - The provided summary sheet outlines implemented MHSA programs with general program and contact information. This summary will be updated monthly and posted/distributed to ensure up to date information.

 Mental Health Program Summary - October 2015  



Prevention and Early Intervention:  Please click on the following bullet to see what is new under our PEI Page:

Innovations:  Fresno County is currently undergoing the Innovations community planning process through the use of a survey and focus groups:

MHSA Housing Summary:  Please click on the following link:


BRING IT HOME - Housing California Annual Conference 2012: 


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