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Mental Health Services Act

County of Fresno

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 The Department of Behavioral Health has launched the 2017 Fresno County Mental Health Services Act Community Program Planning Process through established meetings that take place throughout our community, collection of individual stakeholder input, review and use of data collected through stakeholder processes as well as with focus groups and community meetings. 



The Department of Behavioral Health is pleased to announce the posting of the Annual Update/ Three Year Plan.   



 Please note, the addendum to the annual update now includes the full fiscal budgeting portion. 

As this is a large document, there is an Executive Summary available on this website.  

  Copies of the plan can be made available upon request.  

 Requests can be made to: or by calling (559) 600-6842.  

  Comments received will be posted at the end of each week for stakeholder viewing.  

  Page numbers and footers will be updated as the plan is finalized.  

  Fiscal sections are being finalized at the time of this posting and will be communicated as an addendum by 9/20/17.  

  Thank you 



Mental Health Service Act 

Annual Update / ThreeYear Plan  

Public Hearing 


Wednesday, October 18, 2017 

at 1:30 to 2:30 PM 

1925 E. Dakota Ave. 

Fresno, CA 93726 

There will be a community forum hosted by the Behavioral Health Board beginning at 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

 Annual Update FY 16-17 Public Hearing Flyer 

English  FY16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form

Hmong FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form Hmong 

Spanish FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form Spanish



MHSA Executive Summary

DBH is pleased to post the MHSA Annual Update/Three Year Plan Executive Summary.  This document will provide you with an overview of the contents of the plan.  This document is undergoing translations and will be made available as quickly as possible.

FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20    MHSA Executive Summary



FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year PLan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Executive Summary Hmong 


 MHSA Posted Plan Informational Meeting 

The Department of Behavioral Health invites the public to an informational meeting to highlight the plan updates.

 FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Informational Meeting Flier  


Innovations Final Reports – POSTED

The Department of Behavioral Health is posting two Innovations programs that are being ‘deleted.’  

“Deleted’ communicatesto the public that these plans have been implemented and their learning goals have been tested, evaluated and implemented in our the system of care.    

The two programs posted include activities or services have either been funded with a new funding stream (Community Services and Supports) or their activities have been embedded into our system of care for continued growth and learning.   These two programs were identified as deleted in the prior Update process, this action shares the required final reports.   

New Innovation (INN) programs under initial consideration are outlined in the Executive Summary posted here, INN programs will undergo stakeholder input and formal request during this fiscal year.  

Thank you   

Integrated Discharge Team:

Integrated Discharge Team Program File

AB109 Program:

 AB109 Program File




Stakeholder Data Collection:

The prior MHSA Community Program Planning Process included a robust and rich collection of data that will inform thecurrent MHSA stakeholder process. Since the Annual Update’s data collection, the Department completed several additional stakeholder processes, including   

  • Fresno DBH Sequential Intercept Mapping Report- designed to address the connection between behavioral health services and criminal justice. 
  • Fresno DBH Housing Assessment—designed to address chronic homelessness, residential treatment and emergency/temporary/transitional housing and the connection to access to behavioral health services.  
  • Proposition 47, Drug MediCal Waiver Community Engagement & Planning Process—designed to expand Substance Use Disorder services and create a system of integrated care that include behavioral health and  


Data collected from the 2016 MHSA Three-YearAnnual Update will inform the plan update along with Department-led initiativesthat are focused on persistent community challenges, including the nexus of Behavioral Health with the criminal justice system, housing needs and gaps, suicide prevention and substance use services, and challenges in meeting rural behavioral health care needs, among others. Each of these initiatives hasincluded participants with lived experience and their family members or otherloved ones, as well as subject matter experts across allied professions,including primary care service providers, law enforcement and criminal justiceprofessionals, mental health providers, substance use disorder serviceproviders, and participants from the County’s diverse communities. Together, these outreach and engagement initiatives provide data, facts, finding and recommendations on addressing the most pressing and persistent challenges to public mental health. 



My Art Matters - MHSA would like to update our MHSA Gallery with more art pieces that promote Wellness, Recovery, Resiliency, and Hope in forms of photographs, paintings, crafts, poems, or drawings(etc.).  Please click on the following link to get more information about "My Art Matters" project.

 My Art Matters   

  • MHSA Housing Application Documents:  Please click on the following links for more information:

Renaissance Properties Application    Homeless Certification - Example 

Application and SMI Verification Form    Guide for Housing Application 

ROI from HA Form    ROI from DMH Form  

  • MHSA Outcomes - Please click on the following link to go to our MHSA Outcomes Page!! 

MHSA Program Outcomes

  • MHSA Program Summary Sheet - The provided summary sheet outlines implemented MHSA programs with general program and contact information. This summary will be updated monthly and posted/distributed to ensure up to date information.


Prevention and Early Intervention:  Please click on the following bullet to see what is new under our PEI Page:

Innovations:  Fresno County is currently undergoing the Innovations community planning process through the use of a survey and focus groups:

MHSA Housing Summary:  Please click on the following link:


BRING IT HOME - Housing California Annual Conference 2012: 


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