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Special Districts Administration


                                       Original photograph of Shaver Lake by Liane Barr

The Department of Public Works and Planning administers 128 County special districts through its Special District Administration section within its Resources Division. These 128 districts serve in excess of 30,000 residents throughout the unincorporated area of Fresno County.

Special Districts has 35 County Service Areas, 5 Waterworks Districts, 7 Maintenance Districts, 1 Highway Lighting District, and 80 Road District Zones of Benefit.

Special Districts Administration is responsible for managing funds made available by each district’s assessments, fees, grants, and/or loans to provide a specific service to each district.

Services provided include one or more of the following: community water, community wastewater, street lighting, snow removal, storm drainage, structural fire protection, landscaping, refuse collection, park maintenance, wetlands monitoring, and road maintenance.

Special District’s staff operates 22 community water systems and 12 community wastewater systems that cover a 100 mile radius. Staff also provides direct water and wastewater services to approximately 7,262 residents within Fresno County and processes approximately 2.1 million gallons of potable water daily to these residents.

There are other special districts within Fresno County that are not administered by this unit (e.g. Community Service Districts, Fire Districts, and Mosquito Abatement). A complete listing of districts within Fresno County and contact information for each special district is located on Fresno Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) .

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