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Fraud and Corruption - In Home Supportive Services 

 In-Home Supportive Services is a California Department of Social Services state-wide mandated program that is administered at the County level.  The purpose of the program is to provide assistance and personal care services to eligible blind, aged, and disabled individuals so they may reside safely in their own homes. As of July 2013, there are approximately 13,500 IHSS recipients in Fresno County and 12,500 providers.

Regrettably, there are individuals within our community who endeavor to defraud this valuable social program.   The Fresno County IHSS Fraud unit was established in 2003 to combat fraud, promote program integrity and education, and safeguard the public resources that fund the IHSS program.   The IHSS fraud unit is a partnership between the Fresno County District Attorneys Office and the Fresno County Department of Social Services and was the first of its kind in the State. The unit consists of one Deputy District Attorney, three Senior Investigators, one Investigative Technician, and one Office Assistant.     

Fraud referrals are received from members of the public, Department of Social Services, law enforcement and other agencies. Fraud allegations investigated by the IHSS fraud unit included: 
Overstated needs 
Misrepresented income
Provider not working the allotted hours 
Check sharing by the Provider and Recipient 
Forged or Falsified timecards 
Unreported people living in the home 
Unreported marriages 
Unreported hospitalizations/deaths  
Unreported incarcerations  

 Since its inception, the IHSS Fraud Unit has received approximately 3600 fraud referrals.  The unit has prosecuted 488 cases resulting in 1.875 million dollars in court ordered restitution.  The cases are filed as felonies and include:  Presentation of a Fraudulent Claim, Grand Theft, and Medi-Cal Fraud.  

Fresno County IHSS Fraud Hotline: 559.600.5045 or 1-888-717-8302