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The Fresno County MHSA Program and Expenditure Plans



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Table of Contents 

Fresno County's MHSA 3-Year Program and Expenditure Plan - Part I and Part II

Exhibit I-Plan Face Sheet

Exhibit 2-County Program Work Listing 

Exhibit 3-Full Service Partnership Population Overview 


Older Adult Expansion Team 

Adult - AB2034 

Adult - Peer & Family Support 

Adult- Co-Occurring Disorders 

Transitional Age Youth 

 Children - Smart Model of Care 

Children - Outreach and Engagement 

Children - Functional Family Therapy 

Children - Team Decision Making 

Children-Exhibit 2-CSS Program Workplan Listing 

Children-Exhibit 3-Full Service Partnership Population 

State MHSA Award Letters - Currently being updated!! 


System Improvement Funds - 03/13/06 

System Improvement Funds II - 05/02/06 

Extension of Planning Funds - 05/19/06 

System Improvement Funds Approval - 06/12/06 

CSS Three Year Plan - 07/28/06 

CSS Three Year Plan/Children - 10/26/06 

WFET Component - 07/11/07 

PEI - 12/11/07 

Letter to Intent Update Three Year - 01/09/08 

Augmentation Letter - 04/07/08 

IT Project Funding Letter - 04/17/08 

Innovation and Community Program Planning Approval Letter - 04/17/09

 WET Approval Letter - 06/25/09

Technological Needs Letter of Intent - 08/12/09

 Capital Facility Funding Letter of Intent - 09/14/09

PEI Plan - 09/15/09 

PEI Training & Capital Facilities - 09/15/09 

  March 2010 FC Prudent Reserve Funding Request - 04/01/10 

 FY 09/10 MHSA Annual Update - 04/28/10 

 PEI - TTACB - 07/01/10 

Statewide PEI Projects to CalMHSA - 10/07/10 




CSS Implementation Progress Report 

2008 CSS Implementation Progress Report 

Fund Cash Flow - September 2007 

Fund Cash Flow - March 08 

Fund Cash Flow - September 2008 

Rev Exp Report - FY 06/07 

MHSA Agreement 

MHSA Agreement - Executed 






Fresno County Grant Approval from Indian Gaming 



The Departments of Behavorial Health and Children and Family Services applied for two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) to be used to upgrade/purchase an integrated Mental Health Information System which will enable both departments to transform the mental health system in addressing issues of quality assurance, evaluation, measurement and accountability in providing behavioral health care, and increasing time and resource cost savings.  Upon review of the application, Table Mountain Rancheria graciously accepted sponshorship of the request.

Fresno County Mental Health Services Act anticipates supplementing the Indian Gaming award to continue the implementation of the system through Capital Facility/Information Technology Funds.


Indian Gaming Acknowledgement 


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