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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

 Cleaners, Paints, Automotive Fluids, ETC.:   Gasoline · Transmission fluid · Brake fluid · Nail polish · Spot remover · Thermostats · Propane tanks · Toxic or caustic household cleaners · Oven cleaners · Pool chemicals · Garden pesticides · Herbicides · Fertilizer · Wood preservatives · Old paint · Varnish · Paint stripper · tar

Can't wait until the next HHW Drop-off Event?  Please follow the links below for other disposal options.  They are Free, Fast and available Today!


CFL - Do not trashFluorescent Lights contain mercury, which is a hazardous chemical. It is illegal to place these, compact fluorescent lamps/bulbs, tubes, or high intensity light bulbs into a landfill.

Batteries are considered hazardous waste. It is illegal to place any battery into a landfill (or your trash) in California.

  HHW SharpesSharps needles and lancets, used at home by "self-medicators") MUST be in a rigid container (like laundry soap or bleach bottle or coffee can), with lid on and taped shut.  It is illegal to place sharps into a landfill (or your trash) in California.

Old Medications and Disposal Options.

Medication Drop-Off Locations and The Lock It Up Project.

Do-It-Yourself Paint Disposal Options

NEW! Free paint disposal locations in the Fresno area

Electronic waste : cathode ray tubes (e.g., computer monitors, television sets), laptop computers, game boxes and other devices with a screen, including LCD and plasma.  Please contact the County at (559) 600-4259 for a current list of businesses and charities that accept and recycle E-waste for free.

 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-Off events

Thank you for participating in our Fall 2013 HHW Drop-Off.

Please check this site in Spring 2014 for information on our new HHW Facility

For more information about the next event or ideas on managing HHW, call (559) 600-4259 or email.  Information is also available about low-cost HHW disposal programs for small businesses and ag-related hazardous waste.
     Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Door-to-Door Collection Program
The Door-to-Door program is designed for individuals who, because of special circumstances, cannot participate in the "Drop-Off" events. Click here for additional information.