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 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) 

Fresno County residents will soon have a new, permanent place to drop off their hazardous waste.  The New Household Hazardous Waste Facility at the American Avenue Disposal Site is expected to open in Fall 2014.

HHW is any product labeled: toxic, poison, combustible, corrosive, flammable or irritant that is disposed of.  A typical home can contain an array of household hazardous products for cleaning, painting, beautifying, lubricating and disinfecting the house, yard, workshop and garage.  HHW that is commonly found include:  Gasoline · Transmission fluid · Brake fluid · Nail polish · Spot remover · Thermostats · Propane tanks · Toxic or caustic household cleaners · Oven cleaners · Pool chemicals · Garden pesticides · Herbicides · Fertilizer · Wood preservatives · Old paint · Varnish · Paint stripper · tar

 Specific HHW Programs for Florescents, Batteries, Sharps, Medications, Paint & eWaste

CFL - Do not trashFluorescent Lights contain mercury, which is a hazardous chemical. It is illegal to place these, compact fluorescent lamps/bulbs, tubes, or high intensity light bulbs into a landfill.

Batteries are considered hazardous waste. It is illegal to place any battery into a landfill (or your trash) in California.

  HHW SharpesSharps needles and lancets, used at home by "self-medicators") MUST be in a rigid container (like laundry soap or bleach bottle or coffee can), with lid on and taped shut.  It is illegal to place sharps into a landfill (or your trash) in California.

Old Medications and Disposal Options.

Medication Drop-Off Locations and The Lock It Up Project.

Do-It-Yourself Paint Disposal Options

NEW! Free paint disposal locations in the Fresno area

Electronic waste : cathode ray tubes (e.g., computer monitors, television sets), laptop computers, game boxes and other devices with a screen, including LCD and plasma.  Please contact the County at (559) 600-4259 for a current list of businesses and charities that accept and recycle E-waste for free.For more information about the permannet HHW facility or ideas on managing HHW, call (559) 600-4259 or email.  Information is also available about low-cost HHW disposal programs for small businesses and ag-related hazardous waste.
     Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Door-to-Door Collection Program
The Door-to-Door program is designed for individuals who, because of special circumstances, cannot participate in the "Drop-Off" events. Click here for additional information.