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Rabies and Animal Control Program
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Our Location: 1221 Fulton Mall, Third Floor
P O Box 11867, Fresno CA 93775-1867
(559) 600-3357 FAX (559) 600-7629
Contact us by email.   EnvironmentalHealth@co.fresno.ca.us  
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
            (Closed 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm)

default-puppy-1.jpgThe Rabies and Animal Control Program of the Environmental Health Division is located on the third floor of the Public Health Department in the Mercer Building on the Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno.

The Environmental Health Staff is responsible for dog licensing and responds and investigates multiple litter, animal bite reports, and animal waste complaints.

Public Health Notice 

Leptospirosis: English or Spanish

Rules for Dog Owners in Fresno County
This flyer summarizes the requirements for dog licensing. Rules for Dog Owners

Forms and Applications
 puppypaws 1. Dog License Application - For NEW dog owners to complete. Fees can be paid with copies of applicable documents can be mailed to or paid in person to:
  1. Environmental Health Division,
    PO Box 11867, Fresno, CA 93775 
  2. Fresno Humane Animal Services
    760 W Nielsen Ave, Fresno, CA 93706
  3. Department of Public Health 
    Environmental Health Payment Counter
    1221 Fulton Mall, Third floor, Fresno, CA 93721

2. Dog Ownership Change form - For FORMER dog owners to complete.
3. Assistance Dog License Application - For owners and trainers of guide/signal/service dogs
4. Rabies Control Report form 
Dog License Information
1. The Dog License Decision Tree has been created to help determine what is required for dogs.
2. Dog License and Rabies Shot (Vaccination)
  1. Every dog over 4 months old must have a license. 
  2. Every dog over 4 months old must have a rabies shot. 
  3. A rabies shot is required before you can apply for the dog license.
  4. For a list of low cost rabies vaccination clinics in Fresno County, see the “Low Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics” section below. Dog licenses will be available at some of these rabies clinics.
3. How to get a License for your Dog:
  1. Your dog must first get a rabies shot. This shot protects against rabies disease.
  2. Rabies shots can only be given by a veterinarian or at a pet hospital / clinic. 
  3. Keep a copy of the shot certificate that is given to you.
4. Dog license application forms can be found at many locations.
  1. Call 559-600-7387 (600-PETS) for a list of locations 
  2. $4 each year if your dog has a spay or neuter certificate from your veterinarian. 
  3. $39 each year for dogs NOT spayed or neutered. 
  4. 50 cents for replacement dog tags.
  5. Avoid a $10 late fee - get your dog's license on time each year.
Dog Breeding and Ownership Changes
1. Dog Breeding and Puppies
  1. A female dog is allowed to have only one litter of puppies per year. 
  2. Puppies must be at least 2 months old before they can be sold or given away. 
  3. Dog license number must appear in all "for sale" or "give-away" ads. 
  4. If puppies are between 2-4 months old and do not yet have a license, the mother's license number can be used in the advertisement.
2. When Owners exchange a dog
  1. The Department of Public Health - Environmental Health Division must be notified every time a dog is sold or purchased, given away or adopted. Call 559-600-7387 (600-PETS) or use the forms and applications above.
Other Conditions to the New Laws
  1. No dogs or cats given away as prizes. 
  2. No dogs or cats given away as an inducement to enter any establishment. 
  3. puppypawsNo dogs or cats given away in any public place not owned by him or at any swap meet. 
  4. No transferring any dogs or cats to minors without a parent or legal guardian's written permission
  5. Animals may not be offered for sale at swap meets.
Fresno County Leash Law
All dogs must be on a leash in Fresno County - or under the immediate control of a responsible person - if they are off the owner's property. To report a loose dog, call:
  • Fresno Humane Animal Services
    760 W. Nielsen Ave
  • Fresno, CA 93706
    559-600-7387 (600-PETS)
Spay/Neuter Clinics
Call Fresno Humane Animal Services at (559)600-7387 for Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic Information.
Low Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics
puppypawsThe Environmental Health Division collaborates with local veterinarians every summer to schedule low cost rabies vaccination clinics. The clinics are scheduled for locations throughout the county for access by the public, and dog licenses are available at selected clinics.

  1. Vaccination Fee: $6.00 each 
  2. Fresno County Dog License Fee: $39.00 each (not spayed/neutered) 
  3. Fresno County Dog License Fee: $4.00 each (spayed/neutered)
  4. 50 cents for replacement dog tags.

Upcoming Clinics:

Fresno Humane Animal Services

Saturday, September 9th, 8:30-11:00 am

Dunkle Park

Q Street & 15th Street,

Firebaugh, CA 93622

Saturday, September 16th 10:00am -1:00pm

Download Flyer:  English | Spanish


The Fresno County Public Health Laboratory assists in animal bite investigations by testing submitted animals for rabies.
How to Find Your Lost Pet
Medical Treatment to Prevent Rabies Following Animal Bites
puppypawsFollowing an animal bite, the victim should seek care from their medical provider immediately.

You and your health care provider must report the animal bite to the Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Division, Animal Rabies Control Program by calling 559-600-3357 or by mailing or faxing a completed Rabies Control Report form.

puppypawsThe health care provider will determine whether or not treatment to prevent rabies is needed.

The Department of Public Health will also provide additional information to help the health care provider make an informed decision regarding treatment to prevent rabies. Please call 559-600-3332 - Communicable Disease or (559) 600-3413 - Chest Clinic.
Other Rabies Information
California Department of Public Health
Division of Communicable Disease Control
Veterinary Public Health Section
P.O. Box 997377, MS 7308
Sacramento CA 95899-7377
(916) 552-9740 / FAX (916) 552-9725
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)