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    2135 Fresno Street, Suite 100
    Fresno, CA 93721
  • DSS Case Information:
    (559) 600-1377 or toll-free (877) 600-1377. To speak to a worker call (559) 600-9980 or toll free (855) 832-8082 between 7:30am-4:30pm.
  • Child Protective Services Hotline:
    (559) 600-8320 and / or (559) 266-2463 Fax Number
  • Elder Abuse/Adult Protective Services Hotline:
    1 (800) 418-1426 or (559) 600-3383 or (559) 230-1976 (Fax Number)
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Department Reports and Publications 

FMCoC FY2013-14 NOFA Public Solicitation 

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is designed to promote a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; to provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, States, and local governments to quickly re-house the homeless while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused by homelessness; to promote access to and effective utilization of mainstream programs by the homeless; and to optimize self-sufficiency among those experiencing homelessness.

Please be advised that the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014 Continuum of Care Program Competition was released on Friday, November 22, 2013.

This Public Solicitation for Project Applications describes the overall timeline and requirements for accessing this funding opportunity. The details of upcoming deadlines are included on pages 3-4 of this Public Solicitation listed above.


Contractors Procedure Guide 2011-2012    

Fresno Co Public Assistance Stats w Graphs FY 10-11 

Refugee Service Plan FY 2010-2011

 Zip Code Report by Program June 2011

County of Fresno Substantial Amendment to the Consolidated Plan 2011 Action Plan for the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

Substantial Amendment to the Consolidated Plan May 2012

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