Carpool Rules and Regulations 
  1. Fresno County carpools shall consist of two or more County Employees traveling to work daily, with priority given to carpools that consist of three or more employees.

  2. To establish a carpool, employees must file an application with the County Parking Coordinator, supplying the names of members and license numbers of vehicles to be used in the carpool.

  3. Each carpool member must complete and submit an application to the Parking Coordinator prior to the issuance of any carpool permit.

  4. Parking stalls may be assigned to the carpool, depending upon availability of parking stalls. Permitted carpools may park in any Red Hunt parking stall if all carpool stalls are full.

  5. Only one permit will be issued to each carpool. The permit will consist of a rear-view mirror mounted placard. This permit type will allow the carpool permit to be easily moved from one carpool vehicle to another. 

  6. All vehicles used for the carpool must be registered with the Parking Coordinator.

  7. If the placard is forgotten, then one member of the carpool must call the Parking Coordinator to request to be placed on the "no-cite" list.

  8. Carpool permits will be issued at no cost to the carpool and must be renewed each calendar year. The carpool members will be verified prior to the reissuing the carpool permit each year.

  9. It is the responsibility of all carpool members to immediately notify the Parking Coordinator of any changes in the membership of the carpool or the vehicles used by the carpool.

  10. Abuse of the carpool rules and regulations may result in a parking citation, vehicle being towed and/or revocation of parking privileges for up to one year.