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    (559) 600-1377 or toll-free (877) 600-1377. To speak to a worker call (559) 600-9980 or toll free (855) 832-8082 between 7:30am-4:30pm.
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Program Activities

I. Orientation and Appraisal

During Orientation, participants are informed of the requirements of the program, the time limits for receiving services, and of available supportive services to help them succeed in their work activity.

An Appraisal is the method used to determine the skills and interests of each participant and the services needed to help them reach their goal of self-reliance, and takes into account employment history and education level.

II. Job Search/Job Club/Jobs & Beyond

The "work first" philosophy of the CalWORKs program requires all nonexempt adults to engage in an active job search as early in the program as possible. Job searches are facilitated and monitored by Job Specialists who can provide job leads, labor market information, resume assistance, and supportive services such as childcare and transportation during the job search.

Job Clubs take place in a structured classroom setting where participants receive intense job search coaching including tips on interviewing and appropriate attire, how to complete applications, and how to develop job leads. Participants are expected to make numerous job applications during the class and are offered advice and feedback during the process.

Jobs & Beyond is a 4 week workshop designed to impart workplace education to those clients with little or no work history. This education seeks to provide clients with the workplace skills to ensure long-term success in the workplace. The topics presented will vary from critical thinking to time and money management, understanding workplace cultures and diversity. At completion of this workshop it is expected that clients are better equipped to make good decisions in the workplace thereby enhancing the probability of self reliance.

JOBS 2000 is a five-week Performance Based Assessment in partnership with the Probation Department, Family Support Division, District Attorney, Public Defender and local businesses. As part of the process, action plans are developed to provide onsite services to remove employment barriers relating to drivers licenses, legal issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, family support, mental and physical health, childcare, transportation, and housing. Workshops include anger management, parenting, money management, and team building. At completion, job ready participants begin a three-week assisted job search.

III. Assessment

An assessment takes place if a participant has not been successful in finding employment during their job search or if it has been determined that an immediate job search is not in the client's best interest. An assessment is an in-depth evaluation of skills, interests, barriers, and abilities and helps determine the best course of action leading to employment and financial self-reliance. As a result of the assessment a Welfare to Work plan is developed outlining the various steps needed to achieve the employment goal.

IV. Adult Basic Education

The assessment process may determine the need for remedial education, including the need for instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL). An education component is allowed only if necessary to obtain employment, and is limited to 12 hours per week.

V. Vocational Training

If the assessment process reveals that the client lacks any marketable skills, vocational training may be allowed if in a demand occupation and the client demonstrates the ability to complete the course successfully. Vocational training is limited to 12 months in a lifetime.

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