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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Registry Provider. The Provider Registry will be open the first Wednesday of every month. There is a limited amount of names taken for the waitlist every month. The Public Authority will not accept walk-ins to become a new applicant. You must call the Provider Registry to become an applicant at (559) 600-5753 and you must speak live with a staff member to be placed on the waitlist.

Below are the steps to becoming a Registry Provider.    

  • Call the Provider Registry at (559) 600-5753 and they will take your name, phone number and address. At that time you will be placed on the list to be scheduled for the Application Workshop. You will then attend an application workshop at the Public Authority office before an application can be submitted. At the Application Workshop you are required to bring the following:

                                             3 letters of reference with telephone numbers (cannot be a relative)
                                            Original and valid photo ID (no photocopies will be accepted)
                                            Original Social Security Card (no photocopies will be accepted)
                                            Your Application Workshop Invite Letter

  • Please note the letters of reference must be in letter form and have valid phone numbers. Lists of names and numbers are not acceptable forms. If you do not bring all the necessary documents to the Application Workshop, then you will not be allowed into the workshop. You will need to reapply the next time the Registry is open. 

  • At the Application Workshop you will complete an application and participate in a face to face interview.

  • Once your application has been reviewed, the Public Authority will mail you the fingerprint referral form. Fingerprinting is completed at a Live Scan location and this information is included with your fingerprint form. All potential Providers are required to pay all fees associated with their fingerprints. Fingerprint results are obtained from the California Department of Justice.

  • After completing and clearing your fingerprints, you will be scheduled for the Provider Registry Introduction. The purpose of this class is to teach you the policies and procedures of being a Registry Provider, learn about In-Home Supportive Services, how to complete your timesheets and mandated reporting.

  • From the Introduction class you will be scheduled to complete a mandatory CPR and First Aid Course before they are placed in the Provider Registry. CPR and First Aid class are conducted free-of-charge at the Public Authority and are only offered to Registry Providers.  

The entire process to get on the Registry can take up to 8 weeks. If the entire process is not completed within 60 days you will need to reapply to the Registry.



If you are an IHSS Recipient who needs a Provider or you are
an individual interested in becoming a Registry Provider
please call the Provider Registry at (559) 600-5753.