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Fictitious Business Names

Persons regularly transacting business in Fresno County for profit under a fictitious name are required to file in accordance with California statues.


Definitions of a Fictitious Firm Name

For Individuals: A name that does not include the surname of the individual. A name that suggests existence of additional owner (such as“Company,” “& Company,” “Sons,” “& Associates,” “Brothers,” but not the words that merely describe the business being conducted).

For Partnerships: or other associations of persons. A name that does not include the surname of each general partner or name that suggests existence of additional owners (such as “Company,” “Brothers,” etc.) in the case of an unincorporated association other than a partnership, a “Z” general partner means a person whose liability in the business is substantially the same as a general partner.

For Corporations: A name not stated in the articles of incorporation.

Organizations Not Included: Non-profit corporations or associations such as churches, labor unions, fraternal and charitable organizations, non-profit hospitals, etc., and real estate investment trusts with permits under Section 23002 of the Government Code which have statements on file designating agent for service of process.

FBN Forms:

For mail applications only:  Please complete the attached form, print it out, sign it, and include your check for $_____, made out to Fresno County Clerk.
Mail to:   County Clerk/Registrar of Voters
                 2221 Kern Street
                 Fresno, CA 93721
For office processed applications: In order to expedite your visit with us, you will be asked to type this information into The County Clerk’s computer system. If you are filing the FBN form for someone else, bring in the FBN form with the registrant's original signature on the form.

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