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  • Address:
    2221 Kern Street,
    Fresno, CA 93721
  • County Clerk Services:
    (559) 600-CLRK or (559) 600-2575
  • Elections:
    (559) 600-VOTE or (559) 600-8683
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Schedule of Fees

The County Clerk Services section has two main functions:
Issuing Marriage Licenses:
Public License $58.00

Cash, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard Only, No Check.

Confidential License $69.00
Civil Marriage Ceremony $21.00
  Certified copy of Confidential Marriage License (Check is O.K.) $15.00
Fictitious Business Statements:  One Business Name, One Owner $35.00
  Each Additional Business Name $7.00
Each Additional Name $7.00
Statement of Withdrawal  $17.00
Statement of Abandonment  $17.00
Search of FBN by County Clerk Staff $5.00
Other services provided: Notary Public $15.00 per signature

Notary Public Filings (Commissioned by the Secretary of State)

If cover page needed for Bond - Additional $3.00
If Power of Attorney added - for 1st name $4.50
Each Additional Name $3.00
Registered Process Server $126.00
Registered Photocopier, Unlawful Detainer Assistant and Legal Document Assistant $201.00
Registered Photocopier With Registered Process Server $126.00
Juvenile referrals for marriage authorization No fee for referral but must present acceptable I.D.
Authentications $2.25
Certification of Certified/Registered Court Interpreter $10.00
EIR Administrative $50.00
EIR Notices of Determination - Negative Declaration $2,216.25
EIR Filing $3,078.25
Environmental Document pursuant to a Certified Regulatory Program (CRP)   $1,046.50
Passports: Routine Service (Receive passport within 6 weeks)  
  Under Age 16 $80 Passport fee
$15 Passport card
$25 Execution fee
Age 16 and over $110 Passport fee
$30 Passport card
$25 Execution fee
Expedited Service (Receive passport 2 - 3 weeks) $75.45 additional
Copies provided of the following: Roster of Public Agencies
$.50 per page
Environmental Statements
$.50 per page
County Clerk has Naturalization Records from 1802-1956. Federal Court has records from 1967 - Present. Contact Federal Court for record after 1956.
$.50 per page