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    2221 Kern Street,
    Fresno, CA 93721
  • County Clerk Services:
    (559) 600-CLRK or (559) 600-2575
  • Elections:
    (559) 600-VOTE or (559) 600-8683
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Elected Officials


Fresno County Board of Supervisors

  Andreas Borgeas
District 2

  Debbie Poochigian
District 5

Buddy Mendes
District 4

Brian Pacheco
District 1
Vice Chairman

Henry Perea
District 3

A. Federal and State Representatives

  • Congressional Districts in the County of Fresno

        4th District      16th District      21st District      22nd District

  • State Senate Districts in the County of Fresno

        8th District      12th District      14th District

  • State Assembly Districts in the County of Fresno

        23rd District    31st District

B. Judicial Elected Officials

C. Fresno County Elected Officials

D. City Websites

E. Office of Education

F. School District Elected Officials

G. Special District Elected Officials

H. Party Websites

I. Find Your Districts and Representatives

If any questions or concerns please call: (559) 600-VOTE or (559) 600-8683

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