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Welfare to Work CalLearn Program

Our Location: 4445 E Inyo, Fresno CA 93702
Our Phone Number: (559) 600-7579

CalLearn is a statewide program designed to help pregnant and parenting teens earn a high school diploma or GED, prevent repeat pregnancies and become job ready. With available supportive services such as, child care and transportation, CalLearn helps assist teen parents to achieve their educational goals.

Who Can Participate?

CalLearn is MANDATORY for teens that are:

  • Receiving CalWORKs cash assistance;
  • Under age 20 at orientation;
  • Without a high school diploma or GED;
  • Pregnant or residing with their children.
  • Without an exemption.

Pregnant or parenting teens who are CalLearn participants:

  • Attend a full-time education program which will provide a high school diploma or GED;
  • Submit their report cards or progress reports according to the schedule developed with their case manager;
  • May be eligible for receiving help with child care, transportation, and educational expenses.

CalLearn Services Available

Supportive Services

Bus tokens, a monthly bus pass, or a flat rate reimbursement are available to assist participants in getting to school can be issued depending on your monthly school schedule.
Child Care:
If free services are not available, CalLearn can pay an eligible provider of your choice for the time you are in an approved educational or vocational program.
You can receive financial help with school expenses. These include but are not limited to, textbooks, GED testing fees, laboratory fees, etc.

Case Management Services

Fresno County will provide monthly case management services to help you:

  • Understand the CalLearn program and requirements;
  • Develop an educational plan to obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent;
  • Obtain health care including prenatal, postnatal and immunization services;
  • Access appropriate community resources for needed services such as family planning, mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence;
  • Assists youth in setting goals to become self-sufficient and independent;
  • Assists youth in setting long-term career and education goals;
  • Hosts regular workshops on issues and concerns of parenting teens.
How to Refer:

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Once it is filled out you can send it to:
Department of Social Services
AFLP/CalLearn Programs
P.O. Box 1912, VHHU
Fresno, CA 93718-1912

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