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The James Rowland


“A Voice For Victims”

Assistance to victims of crime is important to the people of Fresno County.  In 1975 under Chief Probation Officer James Rowland, the Crime Victim Assistance Center (CVAC) was formally established through a state grant; the Fresno County Probation Department became the first Probation Department in California to establish such a Center. A year later, recognizing that victims needed a voice in court, James Rowland created the first Victim Impact Statement to provide the judiciary with an objective inventory of victim injuries and losses at sentencing. Today the right to give a victim impact statement is protected by the California State Constitution

Today The James Rowland Crime Victim Assistance Center (CVAC) is a permanent part of the Probation Department serving over 5,000 crime victims and witnesses annually.  The Center assists crime victims and witnesses with a number of specific services and referrals identified in the information below.


  Karen Roach
  Probation Services Manager 



559-600-CVAC - 559-600-2822 
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday  8:00 - 12:00; 1:00 - 5:00

Who Do we Serve?         
Services Provided       

Victims of:
    Domestic Violence
    Crimes Against Children
    Sexual Assault
    Drunk Driving
    Vehicular Manslaughter
    Crimes Against the Elderly (65 yrs. +)
    Crimes Against Dependent Adults

  • Crisis Intervention and Counseling
  • Emergency Assistance and Referrals
  • Assistance Filing for Financial Help with the California Victim Compensation Program
  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice Sytem
  • Court and Parole Hearing Support
  • Restitution Assistance
  • Assistance with Victim Impact Statements
  • Criminal Case Status and Disposition
  • Information and Referrals Regarding Protective and/or Restraining Orders
  • Employer and Creditor Intervention
  • Presentations and Training
Have Questions?


  • CVAC Main Office  
  • CVAC Seniors & Dependant Adults  
  • CVAC Victims of Juvenile Offenders  
  • Fresno County Courts  



    Additional Services
    Victims' Rights           
    • Federal Services  
    • State Services  
    • Local Services  
    • Federal Law Enforcement  
    • State Law Enforcement  
    • Local Law Enforcement  
    California Victim Compensation Program
    How You Can Help

    You may be eligible if your are...

    • Injured as a result of a crime
    • dependant upon the victim for support or are the primary caretaker
    • In need of financial assistance for medical, mental health, or funeral/burial expenses
    • A family memberor reside with the victim an in need of services as a result of the crime
    • a child residing in a home where domestic violence occurs
    • A "Good Samaritan" who is injured or suffers a loss while assisting a victimduring a crime
    • a witness to a crime, under 18 years old, and not related to the victim


    • Volunteering at CVAC
    • Donations