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Juvenile Justice Campus 

The Juvenile Justice Campus  is used primarily as a detention facility to hold minors who have committed a law violation while they are being processed through the Juvenile Court. In addition to holding minors pending court action, the Juvenile Justice Campus provides secure confinement for minors pending delivery to the California Youth Authority, other juvenile and adult justice jurisdictions, foster and group home placements, and court ordered commitments.

The Juvenile Justice Campus bed capacity is determined by the California Corrections Standards Authority Minors detained or committed to Juvenile Justice Campus are afforded the necessities of life including food, clothing, and adequate living space. The campus offers state mandated educational services in the Alice Worsley School.Programs for minors at the Juvenile Justice Campus include the Floyd Farrow Substance Abuse Program, the New Horizons Program, as well as other commitment programs for special population of minors. Services for minors include Boys and Girls Clubs, Thinking for a Change, Faith Based Services, and programs focusing on sobriety. Specialized Programs include Planned Parenthood, Mentoring, Arts and others designed to meet the needs of the minors at the facility.


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Dir. Thompson

Joy Thompson
Detention Facility
Division Director


 Kirk Haynes
Commitment Facility Division Director

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