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Adult Field Supervision



Felony Caseload:

Adult Field Services is an armed unit that supervises adult felons placed on probation by the Superior Court. The unit is responsible for numerous functions to enforce compliance with court ordered probation conditions. Such functions include: acting as liaison between the court and rehabilitation programs, drug and alcohol testing, probation searches, seizing contraband and weapons, providing written and oral reports to the courts, and arresting probation violators.

 The unit works closely with various law enforcement agencies to provide the best protection for the community and often is called upon to work special assignments.


 Misdemeanor Caseload:

 In May, 1998 the misdemeanor caseload was transferred to the Adult Field Services Unit.   Under the direction of a Deputy Probation Officer IV, three Probation Aides are responsible for providing misdemeanant probationers with formal probation instructions, appropriate referrals and explanations regarding the terms and conditions of probation.  In addition, when court ordered, the Probation Aides will establish restitution amounts by working with the victim(s), establish a payment plan and monitor probationer payments.  The Deputy Probation Officer IV will be responsible for requesting arrest warrants and/or recommending modifications of Probation when warranted.

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