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Adult Offender Work Program/
Work Furlough


Adult Offender Work Program:

The Adult Offender Work Program places defendants who are sentenced to 90 days in jail or less on work assignments with participating community and governmental agencies in lieu of jail confinement. Officers are responsible for the evaluation of offenders to determine their suitability for this program, supervising offenders with respect to compliance with program rules and regulations, and the forwarding of commitment orders to the County Jail when offenders do not comply.


AOWP Site Listing


Work Furlough Electronic Monitoring:

The Work Furlough/Electronic Monitoring Program is an alternative to serving time in the County Jail for those persons who are sentenced to more than 30 days in custody and have been referred to the program by any of the local courts.  The members of the unit determine the eligibility and suitability of those persons referred to Work Furlough/Electronic Monitoring Unit. They then establish the parameters and limitations to which the person must adhere in order to be in compliance with the program, and refer acceptable persons to an outside agency for the actual installation and monitoring of the electronic monitoring equipment. 

 Work Furlough FAQ



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