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    Probation Administration


Office of the Chief

Chief Chavez

 Rick Chavez
Chief Probation Officer

Rick Chavez was appointed Chief Probation Officer of Fresno County on August 5, 2013 having served in all capacities in the juvenile, adult and institutional divisions within the department since 1984.  The Department has over 600 employees, including Deputy Probation Officers, Juvenile Correctional Officers, Victim Advocates and other professional and support staff, and operates on an annual budget in excess of $67 million.         

As Project Coordinator, he spearheaded the construction of the new Juvenile Justice Campus in Fresno County; a $141 million dollar project that opened in July of 2006, the largest state-of-art juvenile justice facility in the State of California. This campus serves as a national model for the furtherance of juvenile justice.         

Chief Chavez is recognized as a leader in the planning, development and implementation of both SB 678 the California Community Corrections Performance Incentive Act that drastically changed felony probation practices in the State of California and AB 109 the Public Safety Realignment Act, a historic shift of offenders from California prisons to counties for community supervision upon release from custody.  Fresno County Probation continues to provide direction throughout the state for realignment efforts.         

Chief Chavez has served as the State President of the California Association of Probation Services Administrators and also the Central Region Chair of the organization as well as a member of numerous state and local committees.           

 Chief Chavez strongly supports the new paradigms in corrections including evidence based practices and data driven decisions, operational efficiencies  and  continuous strategic improvement in all areas of departmental and system operation.  His leadership and vision is strongly communicated at all levels of departmental operation and his commitment to the citizens of Fresno County, to make a difference, accomplished through collaboration and partnership.        

Administration Assistant
(559) 600-1294

Office of the Chief


Rosalinda Acosta     

 Rosalinda Acosta
Assistant Chief Probation Officer
(559) 600-1295

  Assistant Chief Rosalinda Acosta is a 22-year veteran of the Fresno County Probation Department.  She is presently responsible for administrative functions of the Juvenile Justice Commitment Facility. 

Starting as a criminology student intern to Deputy Probation Officer, she has completed assignments in several divisions of the department.   She promoted to Probation Services Manager in the Campus Supervision Unit overseeing the expansion of the unit to cover elementary schools and additional school districts. Director Acosta also served as Interim Director of the Elkhorn Correctional Facility.  During this time, she played an instrumental role as a member of transition teams when the Juvenile Hall population moved from an antiquated facility to the present day Juvenile Justice Campus.  She also managed units in the Adult Division.         

  Throughout her assignments, her philosophy and goal has been to use her expertise to enhance program operations in all areas of probation services.   In addition, she is a strong supporter for mentoring both staff and students to provide them with the tools to be successful in the field of corrections.    

 Juvenile Probation Services   

   Dir. Thompson
Joy Thompson
Division Director
(559) 600-4984

Joy Thompson has over 20 years’ experience in corrections.  She began her career with the Fresno County Probation Department as a Job Specialist and soon promoted to Deputy Probation Officer working in various capacities in the adult and juvenile divisions.  As Probation Services Manager, she was instrumental in the design and implementation of several programs.  They include the Department’s Child Abuse Review Team which she co-chaired for 12 years; the Behavioral Health Court; the Supervised Honor Release Program; Proposition 36 and, for five years, served as the Targeted Case Management Coordinator.       working in various capacities in the adult and juvenile divisions.As Probation Services Manager, she was instrumental in the design and implementation of several programs.They include the Department’s Child Abuse Review Team which she co-chaired for 12 years; the Behavioral Health Court; the Supervised Honor Release Program; Proposition 36 and, for five years, served as the Targeted Case Management Coordinator.        

 Throughout her career and educational experience, she has gained expertise in the areas of crime victim advocacy, child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and the supervision of sex offenders.  Director Thompson’s past honors include Central Region Employee of the Year (awarded by the Chief Probation Officers of California).  She is a long-time resident of Fresno County whose experience in the public and private sector has helped formulate her philosophy of utilizing proven approaches to public safety.  She promotes a positive personal, professional and organizational image who strongly believes in staff development and communication at all levels in order to build coalitions to solve problems.           

   Ms. Thompson has been the Director of the Adult Probation Services Division since 2011. The implementation of the Public Safety Realignment Act in 2011 (AB 109) brought about many changes including the transfer of supervision of designated offenders from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to Probation.  Her vision is to provide an overall increased level of innovative and quality services to the community, the Courts and partnering agencies.  As a dynamic leader who focuses on collaboration and partnering with other agencies, she is committed to public safety and reducing recidivism through the use of evidence-based practices.      

Adult Probation Services

Cliff Downing
Division Director
(559) 600-1233

 Cliff Downing is a 24 year veteran of the Fresno County Probation Department.  His current responsibilities include directing Juvenile Services functions at the Juvenile Justice Campus.  He graduated from Fresno Pacific University worked as a Group Counselor and Deputy Probation Officer serving in many capacities within the Adult Division. After promotion to Probation Services Manager, responsibilities included  wide-ranging positions at the  Elkhorn Correctional Facility, Juvenile Placement and Behavioral Health Court  and  the Juvenile Justice Campus Commitment Facility.  He served as departmental training manager as well.     

Director Downing was instrumental in the development and implementation of the department’s Annual Training Plan, Performance Based Standards, and PREA.      

   Director Downing’s philosophy encompasses a team approach to problem solving and allowing people to showcase their creative talents in developing projects and in their departmental assignments. He is a strong supporter of mentoring for all departmental classifications to increase individual performance, preserving the historical perspective of state and local corrections and, promoting the current paradigm shift in community corrections through realignment.    

Juvenile Justice Campus - Detention Housing

Mike's Portrait
Mike Elliott
Division Director
(559) 600-4984

Mr. Elliott began his career with the Fresno County Probation in 1993, working as a Deputy Probation Officer I/III with duties in Juvenile field supervision and Juvenile Electronic Monitoring.   As a DPO IV, he worked as an Adult Superior Court Investigator, Lead Officer in the Domestic Violence Unit and Training Officer at the Elkhorn Correctional Facility.  Upon promotion to Probation Services Manager he served as the Department’s Training Manager and Lead Range Master for approximately 5 years. Promoted to Division Director in 2004 Mr. Elliott oversaw the Elkhorn Correctional Facility from 2004 to 2009; and the Juvenile Services Division from 2009 to 2013.      

Under the authority of the Chief Probation Officer, he currently serves as, responsible for the administration of the Adult Division operations, services and programs in accordance with state and federal law, regulatory requirements and the Department’s strategic plan. Current duties include planning, organization and direction of programs, services and activities relating to the mission of Adult Probation, including oversight of nine specialized units; AB 109 Supervision; Domestic Violence/Sex Offender, Drug Suppression, Superior Court Investigations, Pretrial Supervision and 1203 Supervision.  He is well-versed in principles of evidence-based practice within the criminal justice system and embraces the importance of research and evaluation in real-world settings.     

Under the direction of the Courts and the Chief Probation Officer, Mr. Elliott has also contributed to the successful implementation of the departments program to enact the legislative mandates and requirements of AB 109; mandates and requirements of Proposition 47; the Department’s current Pretrial program and the current Misdemeanor Drug Court program.     

Receiving both his B.S. and M.S. in Criminology from California State University-Fresno, Mr. Elliott has continued his professional development through the Probation Command College, Probation Supervisors Core Training and is POST/STC Certified Firearms Instructor in numerous weapons platforms.     

Community involvement and other activities include past membership in the Local Justice Coordinating Council (2014-present); Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board – Youth Council (2011-2014); participant in the Fresno / Madera County Police Chiefs Association Meetings (2012-present); Early Childhood Help and Outreach Committee Member (2009-2013); Member Chief Probation Officers of California Arming Subcommittee (2011-2015) and other local and state organizations.     

His instructional experiences include: 12 years of formal classroom instruction in graduate and undergraduate courses at the community college and state college level and has delivered instruction of Probation Officer CORE and yearly mandated STC training.       

Mr. Elliott served in the Active, Reserve and National Guard components of the US Army from 1984 to 2007 to include a 3 year active duty assignment as a member of the 3rd Infantry Division, Presidents Honor Guard/The Old Guard, Ft Myer VA.  The culmination of his services to country was his assignment as Commander B/445th, United States Army Special Operations Command, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Salah Ah Din Province. He received the Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, Meritorious Service Medal, Airborne Badge, Air Assault Badge and numerous other honors and medals during the course of his active and reserve military carrier.   

Juvenile Justice Campus - Commitment Housing
 Probation Star-
Vicki Passmore
Division Director
(559) 600-4890


Career bio coming soon!

Realignment Division


 Kirk Haynes
Division Director
(559) 600-1144
Director Kirk Haynes, a 20-year veteran of the Fresno County Probation department, started his career in 1994 as a Job Specialist in the Probation Education and Employment Program (PEEP) unit. Prior to joining the department, he worked as an Eligibility Worker with Fresno County’s Department of Social Services. Kirk is a graduate of the University of Oregon.     

 In November 1996, Director Haynes was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) I worked multiple assignments in the Adult and Juvenile Divisions, including positions at the Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP), and Fresno / Edison High School campuses. As DPO IV he was selected as the lead officer of the Drug Suppression Unit (DSU) where Proposition 36 offenders were supervised.     

As a Probation Services Manager he supervised the Adult Drug Suppression Unit and the Adult Field Special Services unit. He led the department’s efforts in the design and implementation of the Community Corrections Performance Incentive Act of 2009 (SB 678).      

A primary tenet of SB 678 was the introduction of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP). He quickly became the department’s leader in EBP and has spent countless hours training staff and representing the department’s goals and strategies to the Courts, and other justice and community-based agencies. Under his leadership, several evidence-based programs and practices were implemented.      

With the advent of AB 109 realignment, Director Haynes was instrumental in responding and initially coordinating for the department, the many processes and practices related to this historic legislation.      

 Director Haynes consistently promotes a positive personal, professional and managerial image. He is a strong advocate for developing staff’s ability to provide effective supervision through identifying the individual risks and needs of those we supervise in the community. Director Haynes is committed to deploying innovative interventions with good research support that encourage positive quantifiable outcomes. He encourages a continual reexamination of our department’s service delivery which is fundamental to sound evidence-based practice development.    

Administrative Services

 Greg's Portrait
Greg Reinke
Administrative Director
(559) 600-1247

Greg Reinke has worked for Fresno County for over 26 years and has held various positions with Fresno County including the Department of Social Services, Department of Public Works & Planning and the County Administrative Office where he spent six years overseeing the County’s Capital Projects program totaling over $180 million.  This included the development and completion of the Juvenile Justice Campus, the largest capital project in the County’s history.     

For the last 11 years, Mr. Reinke has served as the Business Manager and Administrative Division Director for the Probation Department.  As the Chief Financial Officer for the Probation Department, he prepares and oversees the Department’s $78 million annual budget; monitors departmental expenditures and revenues; oversees all fiscal operations including procurements, audits, general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and contract and grant financial reporting. In addition, Mr. Reinke also has oversight of the Information Technology Unit.    

 Mr. Reinke has enjoyed his career with Fresno County and the Probation Department.  His goal is to ensure the funding provided to the Department is used in the most effective and efficient manner possible and the tax payers of Fresno County are getting the greatest bang for their buck.  

Automation Services

 Dave's Portrait
David Touma
Sr. Systems and Procedures Analyst
(559) 600-4599

Dave Touma began his career with the Probation Department as a Systems Analyst Intern in 1998.  He facilitated the development and design of custom reports, created an automated Juvenile Hall attendance tracking system, and designed auto fill-in fields in the various Word templates for use in the department.  He helped develop new automated procedures in JAS and the Adult Probation System (APS), including the new Prop 36 system in APS, which tracks offenders for State reporting.      

In his current position as Senior Systems and Procedures Analyst, Dave’s goal is to “go paperless.”  His new role has given him a clearer view of the “big picture,” and he is excited about making processes more efficient for staff.      

 Dave embraces change and is always looking forward to using latest innovations.  Among his assets that help make him a success is his ability to analyze business operations and make recommendations for efficiency through the use of technology.