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Business Personal Property


To start filing e-SDR, go on-line to and click on the button on the left. Enter your Account Number and Business ID Number (BIN) which are printed on the top portion of your Business Property Statement 571-L, Agricultural Property Statement 571-F, or Apartment House Property Statement 571-R. Please read the instructions for Fresno County filers.

See the Tax Practitioner Letter (FCA-0169) for important changes.
Businesses that have moved, sold or closed should fill out Form FCA 3033, located on the Forms page.


April 1: Business Property Statements Are Due
May 7 : Last Day before 10% Penalty is Applied to Late Filed Statements

Filing deadlines are established in Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 441(b) and 463, and apply to hardcopy, SDR and e-SDR filing. File on time to avoid a late filing penalty.No filing extension will be granted.

First time Business Statement filing must be completed on the paper 571-L Business Property Statement and submitted to the Assessors office before e-filing can be set up.

If you do not receive a Business Property Statement by March 1st or have other questions, please contact our office.

Finding Your Account Number and BIN

The Account Number and BIN provides secure access to your statement, guards your confidential information and protects your privacy.

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