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Recorded Documents and Maps F.A.Q.

Q. Are Public Records available?
A. The Assessor's Office provides a public information service to assist taxpayers with questions about current property ownership and assessments. Property ownership information is available for all properties in the County. It is available in person at the Assessor's office. We will not give ownership information over the telephone. The Assessor's Office also provides recent property sales information for public review as well as property characteristics for purchase.

Q. How do I get Assessor's Parcel Maps?
A. The Assessor's Office prepares and maintains over 9,000 maps delineating every parcel of property in the County. These parcel maps serve as a basis for all property assessments, and are continuously updated to reflect new subdivisions and surveys. These maps are available for review and purchase at the Assessor's Office or can be viewed on this page.

Q. Where can I go to record a document?
The Fresno County Recorder's website can give you the hours and location to record documents.

Q. How do I fill out my Quitclaim Deed/Grant Deed, Affidavit of Death etc.?
A. State law prohibits us from providing assistance or advice in the preparation of legal documents. You may contact a legal aid service listed in the yellow pages or your legal advisor for assistance in completing legal documents.

Q. How can I add another person to my deed (title)?
A. State law prohibits us from providing assistance or advise in the preparation of legal documents. Most office supply and stationery stores carry legal documents that may fit your situation. We strongly suggest you contact your legal advisor for assistance in the preparation of your document.

Q. What is Documentary Transfer Tax?
A. State law requires that the Recorder collect this tax for the county and cities on documents transfers. Documentary Transfer Tax is collected on all real property transfers when the value (or consideration) exceeds $100.00. The tax is based on the value (or consideration), minus any existing liens or encumbrances, at a rate of $.55 per $500.00 or fraction. (Revenue & Taxation Code 11911)