General Information

County Map

Voting and Election


  1. District lookup - Find the political districts and elected representatives for a Fresno County address
  2. League of Women Voters - Good for Fresno County races
  3. Links to political party sites 
  4. Project Vote Smart 
  5. California Voter Foundation 
  6. Secretary of State's Ballot Pamphlet 

News Sources


  1. Business Journal - Home page
  2. Fresno Bee - Search the Bee archive for articles
  3. San Francisco Chronicle 
  4. Los Angeles Times 
  5. AJR Newslink - U.S. and foreign newspapers
  6. News Directory - Guide to the world's English-language online media
  7. News Library - Free index to and abstracts from many newspapers

Fresno County


  1. Fresno LAFCo - Fresno Local Agency Formation Commission
  2. Fresno Countywide Gang Prevention Council 
  3. Volunteer Opportunities - Volunteer Opportunites throughout Fresno County
  4. Elected officials representing Fresno County - Federal, state, local
  5. Fresno County Office of Education - Includes links to school districts within Fresno County
  6. Council of Fresno County Governments - Links to web pages of cities in Fresno County, Fresno Regional Data Center
  7. Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District - The District provides urban drainage, flood control, groundwater replenishment and recreation services.
  8. Fresno County Resources Directory Intro - Directory of social service programs, both public and private.
  9. Fresno County Resources Directory Search
  10. Great Valley Center - "... committed to building support for California's Central Valley (Bakersfield to Redding) as a distinct region and assisting in the process of planning for the 21st century..."
  11. Kings Canyon Foothill Region Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) - Advisory to Fresno County Supervisor, 5th District
  12. Fresno Chamber of Commerce 
  13. Clovis Chamber of Commerce 
  14. Economic Development Corporation 
  15. Better Business Bureau of Central California 
  16. Fresno City and County Convention & Visitors Bureau. 
  17. Fresno Creative Economy Council
  18. Fresno City and County Historical Society 
  19. Historic architecture in Fresno - current events, buildings on historic registers, walking tours, and more
  20. Fresno Genealogical Society - FGS website & genealogy links
  21. Fresno Metropolitan Museum 
  22. Fresno Art Museum 
  23. Fresno Arts Council 
  24. Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra 
  25. The Big Fresno Fair
  26. County of Fresno Rental Guide 
  27. Central California SPCA
  28. California State University, Fresno 
  29. State Center Community College District 
  30. Fresno Pacific College 
  31. Clovis Unified School District 
  32. Fresno Unified School District 
  33. San Joaquin College of Law
  34. Current weather forecast 
  35. Recent weather data 

Fresno County Cities


  1. City of Clovis 
  2. City of Coalinga 
  3. City of Firebaugh 
  4. City of Fowler 
  5. City of Fresno 
  6. City of Huron 
  7. City of Kerman 
  8. City of Kingsburg 
  9. City of Mendota 
  10. City of Orange Cove 
  11. City of Parlier 
  12. City of Reedley 
  13. City of San Joaquin 
  14. City of Sanger 
  15. City of Selma 

Federal Government


  1. Elected officials representing Fresno County - Federal, state, local
  2. White House 
  3. "Thomas" legislative information service 
  4. U.S. House of Representatives 
  5. U.S.Senate 
  6. FirstGov - Information portal for the U.S. Federal Government
  7. FedStats - Links to government agency statistical sites
  8. Bur of Labor Statistics - (San Francisco)
  9. Latest Consumer Price Index - PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat
  10. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance - Search for U.S. government grants & loans
  11. GrantsNet - Find Health and Human Services grants...
  12. Social Security Administration 
  13. Copyright office 
  14. Patent database - From US Patent and Trademark Office, allows searching by patent class and subclass
  15. Trademark database - From the US Patent and Trademark Office

State Government


  1. State of California Home Page 
  2. Latest population estimates for California cities and counties.
  3. California Department of Motor Vehicles 
  4. California State Senate - Information about bills introduced in the State Senate
  5. California State Assembly - Information about bills introduced in the State Assembly
  6. CEDAR - California Economic Diversification & Revitalization.
  7. Yahoo California cities, counties, and regions 
  8. California Death Index - From 1940 through 1995
  9. WOWWORKS - find official state, city, and county sites...along with numerous community guides.
  10. Superior Court of California, County of Fresno 

Tax Forms


The tax form sites can be quite slow. Viewing and printing these forms requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. These forms are best printed with a laser printer.

  1. Federal 
  2. State 
  3. Other States 



  1. Fresno County Public Library 
  2. California History and Genealogy Room - Fresno County Library
  3. Madden Library - CSU, Fresno
  4. Hiebert Library - Fresno Pacific
  5. Melvyl - Union catalog of university libraries in California.
  6. Internet Public Library - the first public library of and for the Internet community
  7. American Library Association 
  8. LibDex - Index to 17,660 Libraries 



  1. California Business Search - Addresses of California corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Also name & address of agent for service of process. No phone numbers. From the Secretary of State's office.
  2. Securities Exchange Commission - SEC filings of publically owned companies (EDGAR)
  3. Valley Business Plan - Helps you write a business plan to start or expand your business. In English, Spanish, Hmong and Vietnamese
  4. AT&T - Directory of people, businesses, toll-free numbers. Reverse look-up.
  5. TelDir - Directory of telephone directories on the Web.



  1. CALJOBS - California Employment Development Department job listings - Free enrollment on-line to use this service (English and Spanish)
  2. Central Valley JobQuest - includes Fresno Bee help wanted ads
  3. Jobs with the County of Fresno 
  4. Jobs with the City of Fresno 
  5. Jobs with the State of California 
  6. Jobs with the U.S government 
  7. JobStar - (Formerly JobSmart) California job search guide with emphasis on San Francisco area, Sacramento, LA area and San Diego area
  8. America's Job Bank - Well over one million job listings
  9. CareerBuilder 
  10. The Riley Guide - Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet.
  11. A-Z index to Riley Guide 
  12. Fresno Workforce Connection - Workforce Connection serves as a catalyst to mobilize and integrate all private and public partners to effectively educate, train and place individuals with the necessary resources and skills to fulfill employer needs.

Financial Aid


  1. FastWeb - Set up a personalized profile that will match your specific skills, and abilities, and interests to fastWEB's database of over 400,000 scholarships. Free registration takes a few minutes. Make a note of your login ID and password.
  2. FinAid - Scholarships, loans, and other information about financing a college education.
  3. Yahoo-Education-Financial Aid 
  4. Librarians Guide to the Internet : Student Aid 



School by school comparison of California public schools (K-12). How many teachers and students at a school? How are kids doing on standardized tests? The sites below offer similar but not identical information. Ed-Data is a bit easier to use.

  1. School Wise Press 
  2. Ed-Data