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AA Amendment Application
Administrative Communication Unit
Adolescent Family Life Network (AFLP)
Adult Medi-Cal Medically Indigent Services
Adult Protective Services (APS)
Affordable Housing Programs (AHP)
Aged, Blind & Disabled (ABD)
Animal Control
Applying for CalWORKs Cash Assistance
Applying for Food Assistance Programs
Assessee Identification and Address
Assessment of Business Personal Property
Assessment of Real Property (Land and Structures)
Assessor Downloadable Forms



Babies First Program
Bad Checks/Non-Sufficient Funds
Behavioral Health, Adult
Behavioral Health, Child
Biblioteca Publica
Bids, County
Birth Certificates
Black Infant Health Project
Blossom Trail
Boards & Commissions, County
Building Inspection Request
Building Permits


  CA Department of Fish and Game
California Children's Services Program
CalWORKs Homeless Assistance
CalWORKS Immediate Need
CalWORKs Orientations
Capital Projects Division
Central Cal Online
Certified Producers Certificates
Change of Ownership of Real Property  
Child Abduction
Child Abuse Reporting
Child Care
Child Health and Disability Prevention Program
Child Protective Services
Child RideSafe
Child Support Services
Chlamydia Screening
Civil Rights for Clients
Code Enforcement
Communicable Disease Outreach
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR)
Construction Management Division
Consumer Affairs Information
Consumer Food Protection
Consumer Rights
Contractor Bids
Contractor Complaints
Court Ordered Testing
Crisis Services
Crop and Livestock Reports
CUP, Conditional Use Permit
CUPA (Hazardous Materials)


Day Treatment Program
Death Certificates
Del Rey Community Plan Update
Department of Social Services
Dependency Representation
Design Division
Development Services Division and Planning
Directory of Recyclers
Disaster Crop Damage and Loss Estimates
Disposal of Construction and Demolition Debris
Disposal, Garbage Collection, Solid Waste
District Attorney

Diversion Services
Dog Licenses
DRA, Director Review & Approval
Drug and Alcohol Testing


Economic Development Corporation
Elder Abuse
Election Complaints
Election Results
Elections Campaign Filing
Elections Candidate Filing
Elections Public Information - Request Data
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Preparedness Program
Emergency Response Team
Employer Services
Employment Services
Employment Services Referral Services
Employment Services Supportive Services
Endangered species Preservation Information
Environmental Health – Districts
Environmental Planning


Family Law Representation
Federal Government Resources
Felony Defense
Festivals and Events Calendar
Fictitious Business Names Filing
Filing Oaths of Office and Authenticating Signatures
Film Commission
Fish and Game Filings
Food Stamp Cards (EBT)
Foster Care
Foster Care Standards and Oversight Committee
Foster Parenting
Fresno & San Joaquin Valley Links
Fresno County Enterprise Zone
Friant Ranch
Fruit Trail
Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Quality Inspections



Garbage Collection, Solid Waste, Disposal
Garbage Collector & Hauler Directory
General Plan
General Relief
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter treatments


Hauler & Garbage Collector Directory
Healthy Families Low Premium Health Insurance
High Risk Infant Follow-Up
HIV Programs
Homeless and Shelter Payment Assistance
Housing Assistance
Housing Programs
Human Services Directory


ID Theft
Immunization Program
Incoming and Outgoing Nursery Stock Inspections
In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee
In-Home Supportive Services Program
In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority
Inpatient Treatment
Insect identification
Inspection Schedule (Public Works)
Interagency Council for Children and Families
Issue Operator ID Number


Jesse Morrow Mountain
Job Development
Job Preparation Workshops
Job Search Assistance
Jobs & Employment Resources
Jobs 2000
Juror Information
Juvenile Deliquency Representation



Kings River Sand & Gravel



L.P.S Conservatorship Representation
Lakes and Rivers
Land Use – Vector
Law Enforcement Agencies
Lead Prevention Program
Legal Document Assistants - Registration
Library Services
Lost Lake Master Plan



Marriage Certificates
Marriage Licenses – Public or Confidential
Marriage Licenses for Notaries
Master Schedule of Fees for Development Services
Maintenance and Operations Division
Medi-Cal Application Assistance in Rural locations
Medi-Cal Health Benefits for Children and Families
Medi-Cal Minor Consent
Medicare Premium Payment Program
Mental Health Compliance Program
Mental Health Defense
Milk and Dairy Inspection
Misdemeanor Defense
Morbidity Report, Confidential (CMR)



National Parks and Forests
Neighborhood Beautification Overlay Dist.
New Construction of Real Property
Notary Public Services
Noxious weed identification & eradication
Nurse Family Partnership
Nursing Outreach



Obtain Police Report
Office of Emergency Services
Ordinance Code
Organic Grower Registration
Outpatient Services



Pandemic Influenza Program
Parcel Mapping
Passport Services Acceptance Agency
Pest Control business Registration Agricultural, Structural, Maintenance Gardeners, Farm Labor Contractors
Pest Detection, Exclusion and Eradication
Pesticide Exposure Complaints
Pesticide Use Information
Pesticide Use Reporting
Phytosanitary Certificates
Plan Holders
Plan Holders, Electronic Plans & Bid Results
Planning and Land Use
Precinct Officers Registration
Private Applicator Certification Certification Exam, Continuing Education Classes
Process Servers - Registration
Professional Photocopiers - Registration
Property Tax Exemptions
Public Defender
Public Health Administration
Public Health Laboratory
Public Health Services
Public Works and Planning
Purchasing, County



Rabies Control
Real Estate Fraud
Recorded Documents
Records Management Program
Recreational Health (pools, etc.)
Recycling Directory
Refugee Community Orgainizations
Refugee Community Representatives
Refugee Education
Refugee Health Prevention
Refugee Media
Refugee Services for New Americans
Regional Center Services - Coalinga
Regional Center Services - Reedley
Regional Center Services - Selma
Request Building Inspection
Resources Division and Parks
Restraining Orders
Restricted Material Permits
Rodent Bait Sales



Safely Surrendered Babies
Sandbags for Flood Prevention
Sanger-Centerville Aggregate Operation
Seed Certification
Service Agent Exams
Service Contractor Guide
Sexually Transmitted Disease Intervention
Shaver Lake Community Plan
Situs Index
Small Business Administration
Small Business Resources
Social Services Department
Solid Waste, Garbage Collection, Disposal
SPCA (Animal Control)
Special Districts Administration
Specialty Clinic
SSI Medi-Cal
SSI Medi-Cal Adovcacy
State Veterans Homes
Structural Applicator Exams
Subscription Agreements for Fictitious Business Names and/or Public Marriage Licenses
Substance Abuse Treatment Services



Tax Form Resources
Tobacco Prevention Program
TT, Tentative Tract Application
Tuberculosis (Chest) Clinic
Tuberculosis Control and Outreach
Turning it Around





VA Burial Benefits
VA California College Fee Waiver Program
VA Death Pension for Surviving Spouse & Kids
VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation
VA Dependent Allowances
VA Disability Compensation (Service Connected)
VA Disability Pension (Non-Service Connected)
VA Discharge Upgrade Information
VA Education and Dependent Education
VA Home Loans & CAL-VET Home Loans
VA Housebound, Aid & Attendance Benefits
VA Life Insurance
VA Military Retirement Issues & Survivor Benefits
VA Request for Military Records or Corrections
VA Special Adapted Housing & Auto Grants
VA Special Monthly Compensation
VA Special Monthly Pension
VA Vocational Rehabilitation
VA, CHAMPVA & Tricare Medical Care
VA, Variance Application
Valley Small Business Development Corporation
Vertebrate Pest Control – Agricultural
Vertebrate pest control classes
Veterans Services - Fresno County home page
Veterans Services Clothing Allowance
Victim Support Services/Restitution
Visiting Fresno County
Vital Records (Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates)
Vocational Training
Vote by Mail Services
Voter Registration/Candidate Filing



Waste Management
Waste Tire Enforcement
Wedding Ceremonies
Weights and Measures Complaints
Weights and Measuring Device Inspections
Welfare Fraud
Wellness Education and Outreach Program
Westside Housing, Housing
Williamson Act